time line 1790 - 1820

  • First U.S. Census

    Counted the population of the U.S. There were 4 million people. Most lived east of the Appalacian Mountains and along the east coast.
  • Western Settlement

    The Western U.S. grew by 2 million as people continued to move west of the Appalacian Mountains and established homesteads. These new settlers now had good land to farm.
  • Cotten Gin

    The gin was invented by Eli Whitney. This machine removed the seeds from the cotton fiber much faster than it being done by hand. This helped the cotton industry grow.
  • High Pressure Steam Engine

    This engine powered trains and steam boats. This helped increase travel paths and decrease travel time. Goods could be moved across more of the country and sold to more people.
  • Jacquad Loom

    Joseph Marie Jacquard discovered this.
    This mechanical loom simplified the process of manufacturing textiles.
  • Arc Lamp

    It helped give light at night.
    Humphry Davy invented the arc lamp.
  • Morphine

    This pain killer was used on soldiers during the war.
    Friedrich Sertürner discovered this first.
  • Steam Locomotive

    Matthew Murray invents a steam locomotive which runs on timber rails. This is probably the first railroad engine.
  • Steam Boat

    The Steam Boat was developed by Robert Fulton. This boat allowered travelers to go both up and down the river with their goods to sell.
  • 2nd Census

    The second census was taken in 1820. It showed that the population of the western settlement had increased to 4 million people. The whole population of the U.S. was now at 10 million.