Timeline of some relevan events in my life

  • present simple

    present simple
    I always enjoy being with my grandmother, spending time together.
  • present perfect continous

    present perfect continous
    I've always been willing to do things that I enjoy even if they don't turn out well, like drawing.
  • present continous

    present continous
    I always put too much sugar on everything since I was little, I have that bad habit
  • present perfect

    present perfect
    on vacation since I was little we have always gone on a trip with my grandmother
  • Past simple

    Past simple
    6 years ago I went with my best friend to the church and a pastor's birthday was celebrated there was a party and we had a lot of fun
  • Past Continious

    Past Continious
    I remember that I was sleeping with my dog ​​when a bigger dog barked and woke us up
  • past perfect

    past perfect
    I had a very cute dog for 5 years, until another family adopted her because we could no longer dedicate time to her