Thuvaran's Timeline

  • Born

    I was born
  • Period: to

    Thuvaran's Life

  • Montreal

    I went to Montreal
  • 1st b-day

    1st b-day
    I had my 1st b-day
  • Broke arm

    I broke my arm
  • School

    Went to school for first time
  • First friend

    Met first friend
  • Graduated Kindergarten

    I graduated kindergaten
  • First trophy and medal

    I got my first trophy and medal
  • Srilanka

    I went to Srilanka
  • First honour roll

    I got my first honour roll
  • Wonderland

    I went to Wonderland
  • First time learning French

    Learned french for the first time
  • Best report card

    I got the best report card