Through my eyes

Through My Eyes: Timothy "Tim" Richard Tebow

By 16503
  • Timothy Richard "Tim" Tebow is Born

    Timothy Richard "Tim" Tebow is Born
    This is when Tim Tebow was born image source
  • Tebow at Florida

    Tebow at Florida
    Tim Debuts at Florida
  • Tebow wins Heisman

    Tebow wins Heisman
    Tebow becomes first underclassman ever to win Heisman Trophy at Florida
    image source
  • NFL Draft 2010

    NFL Draft 2010
    Tim Drafted 25th overall by The Denver Broncos
    image source
  • Tims Big Debut

    Tims Big Debut
    Tim Tebow steps in late in the game for the Broncos in the pre-season opener against the Bengals. He finishes the final drive with a 7-yard TD run. image source
  • Tebow First NFL TD

    Tebow First NFL TD
    Tim scores his first Pro Rushing TD in week 6 against the Jets
    5 yard TD run image source
  • Tebow Throws First TD Pass

    Tebow Throws First TD Pass
    Tim Tebow throws to FullBack Specer Larsen for first 3-yard TD pass of Career image source
  • Through My Eyes

    Through My Eyes
    256page Book Biography by Tim Tebow "Through My Eyes" hits the stores. image source