Thomas Bangalter

By andhirt
  • The birth of Thomas Bangalter

    He was born in Paris, France, and is raised by his father Daniel Bangalter.
  • Bangalter Meets his Musical Partner

    In 1983, while attending Lycee Carnot, Bangalter meets his musical partner Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo. They will later form the band "Daft Punk".
  • Bangalter joins "Darlin'"

    In 1992, Bangalter joins a punk band called "Darlin'" in which he plays bass.
  • "Daft Punk" is Formed

    With the aid of Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo, Bangalter forms "Danft Punk", a duo that is globally recognized today. The band got its name from a review critic that called their music "nothing more the daft punk music."
  • First Song is Released

    Daft Punk's first song, "The New Wave" is released under Soma Recording. This sog was originally released as a stand-alone single, but ater made it on to their album "Homework."
  • Creates His Own Record Label

    In 1995, Bangalter creates his own record label, Roulé, and releases a new track every year or two. Bangalter says that he has never considered Roulé an actual record label, but rather an outlet, and that he has no real plans for it.
  • First Album Released

    Bangalter's first full length album, "Homework", is released in 1997, and contains songs such as "Da Funk" and their first ever song, "The New Wave."
  • "Irriversible" Movie Soundtrack

    The French mystery thriller "Irréversible" was released in 2003 in the United States and 2002 in France. It featered music created by Bangalter's band, "Daft Punk".
  • "Tron Legacy"

    The 2010 sci-fi film Tron Legacy featured music by "Daft Punk", and the soundtrack was composed by Thomas Bangalter.
  • "Get Lucky" is a Hit in the US

    In May of 2013, "Daft Punk" released their newest album titled "Random Access Memories". Their song "Get Lucky" was their first song to top the charts in America. It also made number three in he UK and topped the charts in Bangalter's home country of France.