things we discussed in sociel studies

By jjman14
  • Period: Apr 3, 1260 to Oct 14, 1295

    Marco Polo's Route

    Marco publishes a book called "The Marvels of the World.
    the people who read his book would try to find a faster way to asia to find those riches Marco was talking about in his book.
    Merchants and Traders were eager to find the fastest way to Asia.
  • Period: Jan 20, 1400 to Jan 23, 1492

    Europe in the 1400s

    spain sends conqutadors to conquer land in the new world.
    people from other regions went to the new world to conquer land.
    the first people sent made the colon rowounok.
  • 1609

    Henry Hudson dicovered a deep river that he thinks can take him across the continent.
  • 1621

    The Dutch built a fort near albany named fort orange.
    The new colonists realized that their could be heavy profits made off of the fur trade.
    The trading post would be along the Hudson river. The largest trading post was on Mahatten Island.
  • 1626

    people sent Peter Minuit to govern new netherlands.
    Minuit followed his orders not to expell the indians.
    Peter bought the land from the indians with 24 dollars worth of stuff.
  • Period: to

    The salem witch trials

    2 girl named Elizabeth and Abigail started having fits. they even started screaming and throwing things. later on another girl named Ann experience the same sign the first 2 girls were doing screaming and having fits. The 3 girls blamed 3 women. Tituba, Sarah good, and Sarah osborne. Both sarah were innocence but Tituba confessed that she was a witch. everyone was in a panick. If you were a witch they ethered hung you,tared then fethered you,or tied you up to a big rock a threw you down a river
  • The British colonies

    The British had established their 13 colonies.
    thet were in 3 different regions
    The New England colonies
    The middle colocise
    The Southern colonies all regions had different climates. The New England colonies
    They include:
    Rhode Island
    New Hampshire
    Framing was difficult The Middle colobies
    They include:
    New York
    New Jersey
    Has better soil than New England.
    Freedom to practice your own religion.
  • The british colonies

    The Southern colonies
    They include:
    North Carolina
    South Carolina
    Good place for growing crops
  • northwest ordinance

    the ordinance of 1787
  • Settler were now able to vote for who would be the house of rep..

  • settlers in Ohio wanted statehood

  • U.S congress passes a bill the authorizes the make of a government in Ohio.

  • Ohio becomes a state and gets its own constitution.

  • The capital was moved back to Chillicothe

  • Columbus became Ohios permanent capital

  • Period: to

    Civil Rights Movement

    People involed with the civil rights movement were ether Black and white, Women, Disabled, Elderly, and Homosexuals.
    the south had to deal with problems like segergation, Disenfranchisement, and Oppression.
    In the civil rights movement you had people like rosa parks who refused to give up her seat.
  • 5 themes of geography

  • The Continents

    the continents are North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Oceanian, and Antarctica.
  • New Amsterdam

    Dutch settlement swelled over 1,000.
    they gaot a new governer named Peter Stuyversant.
    Stuyversant lost his right leg in battle.
    peter prefered people as ignorant subject and he threaten them that he would ship them back to england.
  • Federal vs. state government

    Federal is the big brother:
    is the national government, Its rules and regulations apply to the country.
    State is the little brother:
    Is the government of a state in the U.S
    Rules and regulation only apply in that state. They have similar structures but they just have different officers and that state government has less power over the federal government.
  • Northwest ordinance

    americans in the new world come together to from the ohio land company.
    the northwest ordinance told the settlers in ohio that they could settle in the northwest region. they also say that you can form no longer than 5 states.
  • Impact in legislation

    The northwest ordinance helped format american land policy
    Made the first limitation for slave expantion.
  • Northwest Territory

    There were massive amounts of unsettled land.
    This territory was ruled by a small committee:
    A governor, secretary, and three judges. all was appointed by the U.S congress.
  • Ohio government

    Ohio's government is made up of three branchs:
    Legislative-makes state laws
    Excutive-the governor
    Judicial-Ohio's supreme court
    Excutive Branch
    Governor-John Kasich
    Lieutenant governor-Mary Taylor
    The Governor Cabinet-Has 26 positions
    Legislative Branch
    The house of representative-Has 99 members
    The senate-Has 33 members
    Both of them make up the general assemblly
    Judicial Branch
    The Ohio Supreme Court-1 cheif justice
    6 justices
  • Civil Rights

    Its a fight for freedom and equalities.
  • The British colonies

    used natural resources for profit king made the 13 colonies to keep order and peace.
    Some colonies formed a democracy.
    Not all colonist had no voice.
    Only rich white males could vote
  • Life in the 13 colonies

    9 out of 10 colonist lived in family farm houses
    Farm houses were the size of one room with a chimney.
    In these farm house all you do is cook, eat, and sleep.