Things that happend in Utah History

  • Brigham Young church leader

    Brigham Young church leader
    Brigham Young became the leader of the church after Joseph Smith died.
  • Mountain Medow massacre

    Mountain Medow massacre
    The mormons dressed up as indians. They tricked the french immigrants and killed alot of them.
  • Continental railroad

    Continental railroad
    May 10 was when the continental railroad was done. They put in spikes to celebrate. When they were done with it they celebrated for doing it. They took the picture with the trains and the workers.
  • fifteenth amendment

    fifteenth amendment
    February 3 was when the congress adopted the fifteenth amendment. It was about the race and color of the citezens.
  • Salt Lake temple

    Salt Lake temple
    April 24 was when the salt lake temple was dedicated. It took them along time to get it build.