Theresa's High School Timeline

  • Got my braces off

    After having braces all throughout middle school, I was lucky enough to get them off right before Freshman year started.
  • Period: to

    Through My 4 Years in High School

  • Blacklight Highlighter Party

    Blacklight Highlighter Party
    Our friend, Greyson threw a blacklight highlighter party where everyone wore a white t-shirt and we all wrote on each other. It was the first official high school party and was a very memorable night.
  • Had Surgery

    After weeks of pain, the doctors finally discovered what was wrong and immediately they needed to preform surgery on my stomach.
  • Soccer Tournament - Association Cup

    Soccer Tournament - Association Cup
    Our team, DeAnza Freedom, took 4th out of 70 soccer teams.
  • Magic Mountain Trip

    Magic Mountain Trip
    Lida and me went to Magic Mountain with my parents and is 10 times better than Great America.
  • Summer Holland Trip

    Summer Holland Trip
    My whole family and I took an amazing trip to Holland. I have never been so amazed!
  • SCU Soccer Camp

    SCU Soccer Camp
    Brandi Chastain spent a couple days with us!
  • Got My License

  • Halloween

  • Whale Watching In Canada

    Whale Watching In Canada
  • G-Eazy Concert

    G-Eazy Concert
    I went to this concert with Emily Novakovich and Jackie Pratt and it was held in San Francisco.
  • New Years!

    New Years!
  • SJSU Acceptance

  • Soccer Awards

    Soccer Awards
    I was blessed when I received MVP for the school team, MVP senior of the league, and honorable mention for all of CCS.
  • Holi

  • Cal Poly SLO Trip

    Cal Poly SLO Trip
    Spent the first weekend of spring break with my best friend, Emily. We stayed in the dorms with one of our good friends.
  • Lake Tahoe

    Lake Tahoe
    Spring Break
  • Prom 2013

    Prom 2013