The work Life of Will Smith

  • Birth

    Smith is born as Willard Christopher Smith,Jr.
  • Inspiration

    Smith is encouraged by his father to rebuild a wall that was torn down. This had a subliminal message imparted to him saying that work will get you anywhere no matter what circumstance. This gave Smith the inspiration to work hard to make up for whatever he lacked, which was mainly talent.
  • First work experience

    At age 18, smith participates in a radio station. This activity yeilds a couple million dollars.
  • Smith's debt Crisis

    Smith's debt Crisis
    Smith is confronted with debt with the IRS(internal Revenue Service) and has posessions taken for his debt owed. (age 19)
  • First tv show

    First tv show
    Upon his recognized work experience and ethic, Smith was offered the opportunity to star in his own show(in the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air) Within this show smith struggled to strived to keep improving his memorization of lines.
  • Awarded for Success

    Smith and his partner DJ Jazzy Jeff were given the Emmy award for their performance in the rap works that were produced between the two.
  • First Major Movie Experience

    First Major Movie Experience
    The Movie Independence day , in which smith plays as captain Hillers , causes him to climb in fame. In fact, the anticipation for this movie caused theatres to play it a day earlier than it was scheduled.
  • MIB star

    MIB star
    Smith plays in Men in Black , another blockbuster causing fans to go wild. Smith rises even higher from this film playing as Ajent J.
  • Insane work day

    Insane work day
    Smith is entered into the Guiness book of world records for his record breaking attendence of 3 premeirs in 24 hours. This expressed Smiths attitude towards his work further than ever.
  • Position due to Success

    Smith is one of the largest movie stars at age 39. His efforts brought him to this point. Smith is Interviewed by CBS about what made him so large. He replies that his work ethic was the power that made him what he is.
  • The Lone Star

    The Lone Star
    Smith stars in "I am Legend" holding the screen for hours by himself. This challenge he overcame with a stenuous effort to be perfect upon being filmed.

    Smith Stars yet again as Agent J-"Edwards" in a Men in Black sequel and is in work with the film as of november 16th.
  • Continued Work

    Continued Work
    it was announced that Smith had returned to the studio with producer La Mar Edwards to make a new album, showing Smith's undying work habits.