The Thirteen Colonies

By lhay66
  • The Begining Of The Southern Colonies

    The Begining Of The Southern Colonies
    In 1585 Queen Elizabeth allowed Walter Raleigh to send over 100 men to Roanoke Island (off the coast of North Carolina) after two of his explorers found it to be a perfect place for a settlement. However, they were not friendly with Pocahontas's people in that area and even killed the chief! Since they arrived too late to harvest crops and their supplies were dwindling, they went back home a year later. After they left fifteen men with suplies showed up and stayed in the fort.
  • Period: to


    Virginia, Georgia, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Massachusetts Bay, Connecticut, Rode Island, and New Hampshire.
  • John White's journy

    John White's journy
    Raleigh was angry about the desertion and decided to hire Simon Fernandez to transport over 100 more people (including woman and children) to start a more permanent settlement close by in Chesapeake Bay. He instructed them to first check on the men at the fort. John White was put in charge and brought his family with him. Upon arrival in 1587 They found out the men were killed by some of Pocahontas's people. Fernandez demanded they settled there instead of Chesapeake Bay because he wanted to.
  • Lost Colony

    Lost Colony
    Not long after getting settled, John White hesitantly left with Fernandez to supplies. They arrived in England to find a Spanish invation. It took England two years to defeat the Spanish and when John White returned to Roanoke, he had a grave discovery. Nobody was there! The word "CROATOAN" was carved nearby. They called it "The lost colony!"
  • John Smith's arrival

    John Smith's arrival
    In 1607 a group of over 100 men landed on the banks of Virginia's James River. They were immediatly attacked by some of Pocahontas's people, but were determmined to stay. Their leader, John Smith, orderd them to build a fort for protection. He created Jamestown, America's first permanent colony! Captain Smith was captured by the chief of the Powhatan tribe a girl named Pocahontas came to the rescue.
  • Pocahontas and Captain Smith

    Pocahontas and Captain Smith
    Pocahontas ran in and stoped her father (the chief of Powhatan) from execution and demaned peace. Pocahontas became freinds with the Jamestown settlers. She was known for being playful, bringing food, and warning them of ambushes.
  • End days for captain smith

    End days for captain smith
    Captain Smith Returned to England in 1609 when he became ill and Pocahontas stoped coming around his settlement. Then the relationship between the settlers and the Powhatan nation weakend. Four years later Pocahontas heard that John Smith had died.
  • New Trust and New Friends

    New Trust and New Friends
    Pocahontas visited Jamestown but was captured because her father captured some of their men and wepons. Her father only returned some of thier items so she was transferd to another settlement and converted her to christianity. That is were she met her husband John Rolfe. She again encouraged peace between the English and Native Americans.
  • Big Year

    Big Year
    In 1619 was a big year in Jamestown.The first elected asemblely was established, called the House of Burgesses.
  • New England Colonies

    New England Colonies
    In 1620 the pilgrams voyaged to the New World for religous freedom. The journy was hard and filled with many deaths until they made it. they still had a hard time caring for all the sick, constructing houses and hospitals, and finding food.
  • Help Is On The Way Pilgrams

    Help Is On The Way Pilgrams
    Whan the pilgrams thought all hope was lost two Native Americans named Samoset and Squanto who spoke English came to teach and help them capture food and grow crops. Whan they had enough food they invited all 90 of the Wampanoags to a Thanksgiving feast in 1621.
  • The forming of the Middle Colonies

    The forming of the Middle Colonies
    King Charles ll decided in 1681 to give William Penn land in the New World that was southwest of New Jersey, he owed William's dead father a loan. William planned to call it Sylvania which means "woods," but later named it Pennsylvaina because of his last name. William guaranteed free and fair elections. This brought a wide variety of nations and people to his land. Other Middle Colonies were New Jersey, New York, and Delaware.This middle zone was truly in the middle of the 13 colonies