The Mormonism Religion

  • Early Life of Joseph Smith

    Early Life of Joseph Smith
    Joseph Smith is born in Vermont, Which who lived with both mom and dad, at a young age begins to work with father finding treasure. Him and his family are living poorly in Vermont so they decide to move to Lebanon NH. Their living conditions change and are now living way better financially, but also him and his siblings are now able to attend school and get an education.
  • Religion?

    Joseph Smith is now 14 years old and has been learning more on religion, but does not seem to figure out what religion he is most fitted into. On one spring evening Smith goes to the woods and witnesses a pillar of light descending from heaven. This is the beginning of Smith Journey to figure out the religion of Mormonism.
  • Missing puzzles of Mormonism

    Missing puzzles of Mormonism
    Joseph Smith begins to get glimpses of What he believes why he is alive. Smith begins to receive visions from an angel named Moroni, while receiving these visions Mr.Smith finds the book called Mormon and touches it and gets a shock which scares him so he hides the book until later in life.
  • Mormon book And effects

    Mormon book And effects
    March of 1830 the book Mormon was published and was sold for $1.25 each for a copy of the book. Also that same year Mr. Smith is sent to prison for ¨disorderly person behavior¨. These were just some acts taken into manner by the people who disliked the Mormons and wanted them out. Throughout the same year a baptist minister named Sidney Rigdom decides to join the LDS and bring 100 members to join him.
  • Effects of Mormonism

    Effects of Mormonism
    While Mr.Smith is in prison and the book of Mormon published, a lot of people begin to join the culture/ religion of Mormonism, this was a good and bad thing for Mormons because the religion began to grow but also did the people who dislike the Mormon religion began to express how they felt towards the religion. Most people started to do violence to make Mormons end and leave. So once Smith was able to get out of prison he and Mormons moved to Illinois and were welcomed by sympathetic people.
  • Tough loss

    Tough loss
    Smith was the most important person to lead the Mormons to success, but some people did not want to see Mormons still be around so they arrested Smith and his brother. Mr.Smith sadly is murdered as well as his brother during their time in jail and the violence to stop Mormons from growing is increasing. This is causing people take leadership to migrate west to Salt Lake Utah, around 20,000 Mormons moved to Salt Lake. While in Utah they find a mountain to create a village for the Mormons .
  • Growth

    1894-1953 were very impactful years for the growth and the Mormonism community, many people began to read the book of Mormon which lead them to begin to give them a chance for more info on the religion and the Mormonism was able to get around the United States. Around this period their were about 201,047 members and more than a million member's attending LDS churches throughout the USA.
  • Mormonism Today

    Mormonism Today
    Mormonism started with a handful of people and has grown to show the impacts it has towards peoples beliefs. Once the Mormons moved to Utah They were able to live freely without people wanting them out which they were also able to focus more on the religion then being attacked. The LDS(Latter Day Saints) changed their name to community of Christ. Now about 13 million people are involved in the Mormonism religion, and has been able to spread worldwide.Now more people outside USA are Mormons