• Jamestown Was Founded

    Jamestown Was Founded
    Jamestown was founded on May 14, 1607. Jamestown already had already been settled by a tribe of Native Americans, lead by Powhatan, the father to Pocahontas. Jamestown overlapped with Powhatan's Indian confederacy located in Virginia. Making things dangerous and extremely tense between the new settlers and the natives who were the rightful owners of the land
  • John Smith is Captured

    John Smith is Captured
    Captain John Smith led a small group of colonists in an expedition outside the fort in search of food. The settlers intruded on a hunting party of what people today call Powhatan Indians. The Algonquian-speaking people were led by Powhatan's brother, Openchancanough. In the ensuing battle, the tribe quickly took over the new settlers and killed them all except for the leader, John Smith. John Smith was then taken back to where the tribe was residing to be taken as prisoner.
  • True Relation

    True Relation
    To John Smith's account in his book "True Relation", John Smith talked about while in captivity, he was asked questions about why they came and offered his freedom if he made the tribe tools. So, Smith agreed and "With all the kindness, sent me home"
  • Pocahontas Marries Kocoum

    Pocahontas Marries Kocoum
    As of turning the age of 14, Pocahontas married Kocoum, Kocoum may have been a member of the Patawomeck tribe according to the English men's accounts. He also might have been a member of her father Powhatan's bodyguards. Kocoum was not a chief, and thus not high in status, suggests that Pocahontas may have married for love.
  • Pocahontas is Captured

    Pocahontas is Captured
    Captain Samuel Argall discovered Pocahontas was living with the Patawomeck (Kocoum's tribe). Argall wanted to use leverage against the natives so he set up a trap to capture Pocahontas. He got her on the ship and held her as a prisoner for ransom for stolen weapons. After being held prisoner she was taken to Jamestown.
  • Pocahontas Marries John Rolfe

    Pocahontas Marries John Rolfe
    After being captured and brought to Jamestown Pocahontas meets John Rolfe and to all English accounts, the two fell in love. Contradicting, she was actually forced to marry Rolfe.
  • Pocahontas Converting to Christianity

    Pocahontas Converting to Christianity
    In late 1614 Pocahontas was converted to Christianity and baptized. They thought, as a Christian who was converted, married to an Englishman, Pocahontas could encourage interest in settling in the "new found" land.
  • Pocahontas Goes to England

    Pocahontas Goes to England
    Pocahontas, now known as "Lady Rebecca Rolfe," went to England to be shown off almost like a trophy with some Powhatan women and men. Once in England, the party toured the country. Pocahontas was a famous 'character' during this time. Pocahontas attended a mosque where she sat near King James I and Queen Anne.
  • Pocahontas Coming Home

    Pocahontas Coming Home
    After sailing back to Virginia she was taken ill and died on March 21st, aged 20, possibly from tuberculosis or pneumonia. She was buried in St George’s Church. Her husband, fearing for sickly Thomas, left him to be raised in England.
  • John Smith Publishes Book

    John Smith Publishes Book
    Smith took Pocahontas's tragic life and misfortunes to his own advantage when he wrote "The General Historie of Virginia, New England, and the Summer Isles" In this book, he wrote a false and misleading tale where Smith was going to be killed by Powhatan and Pocahontas jumped in front of Smith and saved his life. We know this a lie because he already published a book about his experiences called, "A True Relation" where he mentions nothing this experience.