Will Smith

By kane321
  • Birth

    Born Willard Christopher Smith to Caroline a school administrator for the Philadelphia School Board and Willard Christopher Smith Sr, a refrigeration engineer in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
  • Rol3-Model

    – Influenced by hip-hop legend Grandmaster Flash, Smith begins rapping. At Overbrook High School he is given the nickname Prince, which eventually becomes Fresh Prince.
  • Hard Times

    Hard Times
    – Parents divorce.
  • Im Fresh

    Im Fresh
    Will Meets Jeff Townes (DJ Jazzy Jeff) at a party and begins collaborating with him under the name of Fresh Prince.
  • Parents deze Dayz

    Parents deze Dayz
    D. J. Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince win a Grammy for Best Rap Performance for Parents Just Don’t Understand.
  • Im A Winner

    Im A Winner
    Wins the title role in the NBC sitcom The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.
  • Wow My 1st Grammy

    Wow My 1st Grammy
    D. J. Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Prince win their second Grammy for Summertime
  • Itz Life Now

    Itz Life Now
    Son Willard Smith III (Trey) born.
    – Marries Sheree Zampino.
  • Bad Boi

    Bad Boi
    – Stars in Bad Boys with Martin Lawrence.
    – Divorces Sheree Zampino.
  • Bad Boi

    – Stars in Bad Boys with Martin Lawrence.
    – Divorces Sheree Zampino.
  • End Of Being Fresh

    End Of Being Fresh
    The Fresh Prince of Bel Air TV show comes to an end.Stars in Independence Day.
  • Im Wild with A new Child

    Im Wild with A new Child
    Will's first child with Jada Pinkett-Smith, Jaden Christopher Syre, is born.Turns down the role of Neo in the Wachowski Brothers’ The Matrix to star in The Wild, Wild West.
  • Bad Deeds

    Bad Deeds
    Is dropped by record company Sony, allegedly because they feel he is too old.Sept – The couple’s former housekeeper sues them for allegedly failing to pay approximately 1,640 hours of overtime pay. Sept – Creates the sitcom All of Us with his wife Jada Pinkett Smith.
  • Charity

    – Smith and his wife donate $20,000 to a Scientology literacy campaign called HELP (The Hollywood Education and Literacy Program) after Jada completes filming of Collateral with Tom Cruise.
  • I Made It

    I Made It
    2/1 – Smith is voted 2008’s top US money-making star by a survey of movie exhibitors.28/6 - Wins the Best Actor award at the BET Awards ceremony. 29/6 - Announced as producer of a remake of The Karate Kid which is to star his son Jaden.24/8 - Columbia announces that Smith is to appear in a sequel to the 2008 film Hancock.1/12 - Peter Berg announces that shooting of the sequel to Hancock is t
  • The Family Movement

    The Family Movement
    29/1 - Wife Jada Pinkett Smith tells German Bunte magazine her husband is seriously considering a move into politics.6/2 - Files legal papers in Los Angeles to avoid a cash plea from a former business partner who claimed he was promised a 'guaranteed' return for financing The Human Contract, a film written by and starring Smith's wife, Jada Pinkett Smith. 20/12 - Smith, who once portrayed Muhammad Ali on screen, and Mark Wahlberg, star of recent release
  • Rumors and Truth/Hurts

    Rumors and Truth/Hurts
    Rumours suggests problems with the time-travel script of the forthcoming Men in Black III film after shooting is suspended for the second time in order for David Koepp, who worked un-credited on the first MiB film to work on re-write.24/3 - Hoax internet reports falsely claim that Smith's son, Jaden, has been killed in a snowboarding accident.Apr - Shooting resumes on Men in Black III.