Illegal drugs cocaine

North Shore Drug Cartel

By lguelch
  • New Year's Eve Party

    Mary Elizabeth Caldwell meets J. Carols Reynoso and John Luna at a party. She is introduced to them by her boyfriend, Michael Smith.
  • Green Parrot Club Officer Elections

    J. Carols Reynoso named President and CEO
    Vincent Delgado, Vice President
    Eduardo Fuentes, Secretary/Treasurer
    John Luna, Owner
  • Pacific Blue Club Officer Elecetions

    John Luna, CEO and President
    Peter Bodell, Vice President
    Eduardo Fuentes, Secretary/Treasurer
    Juan Kodjo, Owner
  • Baudo spends $89.54 at Exxter Gas

    Purchased 2 five-gallon propane gas tanks, several bags of fertilizer and one-gallon of kerosene, in addition to groceries.
  • Yacht Club Fundraiser

    Photo from a fundraiser is published in the newspaper. In the photo, Juan Kodjo is shaking hands with the director of the Kwasu Cultural Center, Robert Tetta. In the background is his yacht, named the Pacific Blue, and its captain, Robert Mosley.
  • Stephan Boadu receives $2,000 bank deposit

  • Boadu Rent payment

    payment of $550 to Ridgeview Apartment Co.
  • Boadu pays for an internet connection

    Payment of $19.95 to isp*
  • Boadu buys groceries

    $135.78 is spent at Harvey's Grocers
  • Bank deposti to Boadu's account

    Deposit of $2,000 made to his account
  • Boadu withdraws $500 cash

  • Boadu gets gas

    Spends $67.22 on gas at Edgewater Muni Gas & Lig
  • Boadu receives $2,000 deposit

  • Boadu buys cell phones

    Spends $39.99 at Ridge Metro Cellular
  • Boadu withdaws $500

  • Robert Mosley arrives in Estudillo Port City to pick up cocaine

  • Baudo buys $147.75 worth of items from Haschem Hi-Tech

    Purchased sodium hyposhloarite, sodium hydroxide, and four butane tanks.
    Showed HAZMAT certificate number FL-9274 registered to West Ridge Engineering in Ridgeline Falls, which doesn't seem to actually exist.
  • Fredi coordinates delivery of 50 kilos of cocaine to Jaime Desoto at Estudillo Port City

  • Mosley and Desoto meet at the dock yard. Mosley departs for US

  • Baudo withdraws $500

  • Anonymous caller reports cocaine sale from J. Carols Reynoso at the Green Parrot Club

    The tipster adds that another sale will go down in the next couple of nights.
  • Boadu spends $275.62 at Harvey's Grocers

  • Boadu spends $87.34 at Barnes Electronics

    Purchases some electrical wiring and supplies including three electrical switches
  • Boadu spends $25 at Cebos Pharmacy

  • Michael Smith purchases one-way tickets to San Ramon

    Purchases 3 tickets in the names of Manuel Alberto, Damon Gilberto and Steve Brazos for 10 August 2007. The names on the tickets match the fake ids found in the Lexus GS350.
  • Police begin surveillance of Green Parrot Club

    Mary Caldwell was inside. She checked the trunk of a red 2007 Lexus GS350 parked outside. John Luna exits the club with a duffle bag and places it in the Lexus. Makes a cell phone call. Caldwell receives a call, finishes her drink and stumbles to the Lexus. She checks the trunk, then drives away. Luna gets into a black BMW with Reynoso and leaves. Caldwell is pulled over for DWI. The car is searched and cocaoine, fake ids and guns are found inside. She claims it all belongs to her BF, Mike Smith
  • Boadu receives $2,000 deposit

  • Boadu withdraws $500

  • Police interview apartment complex manager about 3 fake id men

    The manager of the apartment complex identify the three men as Stephan Boadu (aka Manual Alberto), Emmanuel Abiku (aka Damon Gilberto) and Daniel Giasi (aka Steven Brazos). They moved in 1 February 2007 and pay $550/month in rent.
    John Luna owns the apartment complex and approved the rental agreement. They had a letter of reference from Juan Kodjo, a prominent local businessman.
  • Police set up surveillance outside Michael Smith residence

    Smith leaves in black Ford Explorer. Drives to apartment complex of Manual, Damon and Steven. The all leave the apartment. Boadu drops white bag in dumpster. They drive 30 miles to private property in James County. Observed practicing shooting with multiple guns. Return to Edgewater, The bag with guns remains in Smith's Explorer. Smith returns home.
  • Police confiscate white trash bag from Ridgeline Apartment dumpster

    Contents of the trash bag include: miscellaneous guns and ammunition magazines; Boadu's telephone statement; Boadu's bank statement; multiple photos of an unknown office building; a Google map print-out for directions to 200 Catawba Blvd, Boxton, FL; a Google Earth print-out of the aerial view of same address; a Free Asante Okofo Flyer (not dated). The business at 200 Catawba Blvd is the Consulate Office fo the Republic of Kwasu.
  • Search warrant executed on Michael Smith residence

    Items siezed include: $94,000 cash from a safe; 1 kilo of cocaine; Smith and Wessen handgun; Electronic scale and Ziploc baggies; Telephone records.
  • Michael Smith is arrested

    The interview of Smith reveals: buys 6-8 kilos/month from Reynolo and Luna at the Green Parrot Club. Doesn't know where they get the coke, but Reynoso mentioned a "Juanhas" from a powerful family. Reynoso says the coke enters FL under everyone's noses. Admits to packaging 4 one-pound bags to sell to Donald Kalb, Michelle Bearman, Mitch Harrison, and Ramon Benitez; admits paying Caldwell $2,000 to transport the coke to his home. Denies the fake ids are his and blames Caldwell.
  • Boadu (Alberto), Abiku (Gilberto), and Giasi (Brazos) flight to San Ramon

    Plane tickets were purchased with cash under the alias for Boadu, Abiku and Giasi. The tickets are one-way from Edgewater, FL to San Ramon. The flight is scheduled to leave at 16:10 on 10 August.