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The Life of Pocahontas

  • Pocahontas is Born

    Pocahontas is Born
    Pocahontas was born on April 4, 1595. She was born in Werowocomoco, Virgina. This event is very important because an historical figure was brought into the world. Pocahontas changed the world positively in many ways. This date was only the beginning of the history she would create and the legacy she would leave.
  • Pocahontas Spots Jamestown

    Pocahontas Spots Jamestown
    Sometime around 1607, Pocahontas spots Jamestown. This is a significant event because it was where Pocahontas became a very achieved woman. Pocahontas helped the town by gathering food, caring for others, and using her creative ideas. She helped create a strong and organized settlement.
  • Pocahontas "Saves" John Smith

    Pocahontas "Saves" John Smith
    When John Smith tried to ambush the Native Americans, Powhatan sent his men to capture him and bring him back. Powhatan decided he was going to kill Smith, but then Pocahontas threw herself into the situation to stop her father. At only the age of 12, Pocahontas had the courage to do this, which makes this a very important event. She ended up saving his life, which made her a hero. She also adapted Smith into the Native American tribes and created trust between them.
  • Pocahontas Saves Jamestown

    Pocahontas Saves Jamestown
    An important event in history is when Pocahontas saves the struggling colonists of Jamestown. She sent Indian Messengers to gather food and supplies and deliver them to Jamestown. Without her help, everyone in Jamestown may not have survived. Her support and care kept everything on track, and most of the people alive.
  • The Anglo-Powhatan Wars

    The Anglo-Powhatan Wars
    The Jamestown settlers and the Native Americans in the surrounding areas had many conflicts. The tension bubbled over into a small war in the late summer of 1609. This event was significant because it gave Pocahontas a chance to shine again. Although the wars lasted quite some time, Pocahontas always persevered to create peace. It was tough to break the barrier, but she managed to due to the trust she obtained on both sides. These wars showed her true heroic character make a positive impact.
  • Pocahontas Sacrifices for John Smith Again

    Pocahontas Sacrifices for John Smith Again
    A barter was planned between Smith and Powhatan, but negotiation plans collapsed. Pocahontas warned Smith about Powhatan's secret plans to ambush Smith. Even if it means going behind her father, the chief's back, Pocahontas was willing to risk consequences to save a man's life. Smith escapes all assassins, she saves him again. Her humanitarian personality was important because it affected her actions. Her smart decisions, like saving Smith's life add on to the legendary mark she left as a hero.
  • Pocahontas Lives Among the English

    Pocahontas Lives Among the English
    Between 1613-1614, Pocahontas lived among the English. Pocahontas' father refused to meet the demands set by the settlers, and Pocahontas was kept in the Englishmen's care. This is an important event because Pocahontas chose the English over her own people. It was kind of a turning point which foreshadowed what her future would be like. In the end, this decision did end up effecting her future, many of her important choices did revolve around the English.
  • Pocahontas is Kidnapped

    Pocahontas is Kidnapped
    Captain Samuel Argall told Lopassus' wife to convince Pocahontas to accompany her on Argall's ship. Pocahontas wasn't allowed to leave the ship because was being held as ransom for the return of stolen weapons and English prisoners held by her father. This is an important event because it gave Pocahontas a different perspective of life. She learned the English language, religion, and customs. She even met many new people, including her future husband John Rolfe which was significant.
  • Pocahontas Convents to Christianity

    Pocahontas Convents to Christianity
    Pocahontas is baptized by Protestant minister Alexander Whitaker and changes her name to Rebecca, which ends up being Rebecca Rolfe when she marries John. This event was important because it helped Pocahontas improve her English from reading the bible. She became so committed to Christianity that she chose to live with the English instead of returning home.
  • Pocahontas Marries John Rolfe

    Pocahontas Marries John Rolfe
    On April 5, 1614 Pocahontas married a colonist named John Rolfe. This was a significant event because the marriage created a period of peace between the colonists and Powhatan, known as "Peace Of Pocahontas." It is also an important event because the Rolfes soon had a son named Thomas. When they married, they became apart of the Virginia Company of London, a company that funded the settling of Jamestown. Pocahontas helped the company by encouraging interest.
  • Pocahontas Becomes a Mother

    Pocahontas Becomes a Mother
    A little less that a year after they got married, Pocahontas and John Rolfe had a baby together. The baby was boy, which they had named Thomas Rolfe. Thomas Rolfe grew up to become a deputy governor.
  • Pocahontas Travels to England

    Pocahontas Travels to England
    In 1616, Pocahontas and John Rolfe traveled to England by ship. This is an important event because Pocahontas and John went there for a good reason. The cause was to raise support for Britain's struggling colonies. Both of these individuals had bold personalities to take this long voyage overseas to help save Britain, which is significant to history.
  • Pocahontas Dies

    Pocahontas Dies
    After traveling to England to help Britain, the Rolfes were coming back to Virginia. Not far into the trip, Pocahontas had to be taken ashore at Gravesend, England due to an illness. She was buried at St. George’s church in Gravesend on March 21, 1617. Although her death wasn't a very interesting event, the effect was significant. Her death caused devastation through out the Native American Tribes and people in England. Pocahontas also created a legacy that continues to inspire people today.