Jamestown Timeline

  • Period: to

    J A M E S T O W N !!!

  • Jamestown Found

    Jamestown Found
    3 ships sighted the land of virginia and jamestown is founded by john smith
  • Paspahegh Indian Attack

    Paspahegh Indian Attack
    200 armed Indians attack Jamestown, killing 1 and wounding 11.
  • James Fort is Completed

    James Fort is Completed
    "The fifteenth of June we had built and finished our Fort, which was triangle wise, having three Bulwarkes, at every corner, like a halfe Moone, and foure or five pieces of Artillerie mounted in them. We had made our selves sufficiently strong for these Savages. We had also sowne most of our Corne on two Mountaines." -George Percy
  • John Smith Captured

    John Smith Captured
    captian john smith leads expedition up the chickahomy in search of food and is captured
  • Pocohontas Saves John Smith

    Pocohontas Saves John Smith
    john smith is brought before powhaten and pocohantes saves his life from her father
  • Many Dead

    Many Dead
    Newport returns with the First Supply and about 100 new settlers, finds only 38 survivors. Powhatan releases Smith.
  • fire breakes out in jamestown

    fire breakes out in jamestown
    Fire destroyed "all the houses in the fort."
  • Rebuilding Forts Destroyed By Fire

    Rebuilding Forts Destroyed By Fire
    "Jamestowne being burnt, we rebuilt it and three forts more ... invironed with a palizado of fourteen or fifteene feet, and each as much as three or four men could carrie ... we had three Bulwarkes, foure and twenty peeces of ordnance of Culvering, Demiculvering, sacar and falcon and most well mounted upon convenient platforms...." John Smith, General History (Barbour 1964:325) (not exact date)
  • Ships Arrive At Jamestown

    Ships Arrive At Jamestown
    Seven ships arrive at Jamestown, Sea Venture wrecked on Bermuda. 200-300 men, women, and children.
  • President Elected and more

    President Elected and more
    John Smith elected President. "Now the building of Ratliffes Pallace stayed as a thing needlesse; the Church was repaired; the Store-house recovered; buildings prepared for the Supplyes, we expected; the Fort reduced to a five-square forme; the order of the Watch renewed; the squadrons (each setting of the Watch) trained; the whole Company every Saturday exercised, in the plaine by the west Bulwarke, prepared for that purpose, we called Smithfield: . . ." (Third Book, Barbour II 180-181)
  • First Women Arrive

    First Women Arrive
    Newport arrives with the Second Supply including the first two women and 8 Dutchmen or Poles who were "glasse-men." No more supplies from England until May of 1610.
  • Governor Power Increased

    Governor Power Increased
    Virginia Company replaces Council with Governor who has absolute control.
  • Smith Becomes President

    Smith Becomes President
    Capt. George Percy replaces Capt. John Smith as president of the Council, Smith returned to England.
  • Starving Time

    Starving Time
    Gates (acting as Virginia's first governor until arrival of Thomas West-Lord De La Warr), John Rolfe, Ralph Hamor, Sir George Somers, and other survivors of the Sea Venture wrecked at Bermuda arrive at Jamestown. Find 60 survivors of the "Starving Time."
  • English Attack On Indians

    English Attack On Indians
    English launch major attack on the Paspahegh village, capturing and executing the Queen and her children, burning houses and cutting down corn fields. Subsequent use of word Paspahegh in documents refers to their former territory.
  • Tobacco

    John Rolfe imports tobacco seeds from Trinidad, Nicotiana tabacum; native tobacco was Nicotiana rustica. *not exact date
  • New Deputy Governor

    New Deputy Governor
    De La Warr leaves for England, George Percy is Deputy Governor until arrival of Thomas Dale, about 150 people left.
  • Tobacco

    John Rolfe exports first crop of improved tobacco.
  • Pocohantos Captured

    Pocohantos Captured
    Pocahontas captured and brought to Jamestown.
  • More Tobacco

    More Tobacco
    John Rolfe makes first shipment of West Indian tobacco grown in Virginia to England.
  • Married

    John Rolfe and Pocahontas married at Jamestown.
  • Born is A Son

    Born is A Son
    Pocahontas gives birth to son Thomas Rolfe.
    *not exact date
  • John Rolfe

    John Rolfe
    John Rolfe lists settlements at Henrico with 38 men under Capt. Smalley, Bermuda Nether Hundred with 119 under Capt. Yeardley, West and Sherley Hundred with 25 under Capt. Maddeson, James Towne with 50 under Lt. Sharpe, Kequoughtan with 20 under Capt. George Webb, and Dales Gifte with 17 under Lt. Cradock.
  • Virginia

    Virginia House of Burgesses meets for first time.
  • Women Wives

    Women Wives
    Twenty blacks are purchased from a passing Portuguese slave ship bound from Luanda, Angola, to Vera Cruz. They may not have been the first, since some 32 Africans were noted five months earlier in a Virginia census of 1619.
    Ninety young women are transported to Virginia to make wives for former tenants; the Virginia Company prices them at "one hundredth and fiftie [pounds] of the best leafe Tobacco".
  • Indian Attack

    Indian Attack
    The Powhatan Indian Attack kills 347 colonists, setting off a war that lasted a decade.
  • Dead People

    Dead People
    The Abigail arrives with no food and an infectious load of passengers (?); plague and starvation reduce the colony to 500 persons; the colonists hold out hope for the arrival of the Seaflower
  • Death Of King

    Death Of King
    Virginia becomes a royal colony with the governor and council appointed by King James I.
    Charles I becomes King of England on the death of James I.