Will smith in a suit

WILL SMITH LIFE by Gabriel Diaz & Rafael Cordoba 904

  • born

    Will Smith born in philadelfia pensilvania.
  • Period: to

    life before the show

  • Period: to

    DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince

    will smith was a vocalist of DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince.
    he was a fresh prince
  • Period: to

    time singer

    will smith was a rap singuer he produced albums of his movies
  • parents divorce

    parents divorce
    the parents of will smith was divorcing. when will smith was a 13 years old
  • Period: to

    early work and early in the film

  • he won a grammy award

    he won a grammy award
    won a Grammy in 1988 in the category of rap for his comic songs such as Summertime
  • signed his first tv contract

    signed his first tv contract
    in 1990 he signed the contract to star the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air in the NBC television
  • was seized

    was seized
    In 1990 Will was nearly bankrupt and its assets were in for not paying taxes...
  • the first marriage

    the first marriage
  • Trey Smith is a first son of will smith

    Trey Smith is a first son of will smith
    her real name is Willard Christopher Smith III he was born in video of Just The Two Of Us with he father
  • his first appearance in film

    his first appearance in film
    in 1993 starred in Six Degrees of Separation that was not very successful
  • Period: to

    road to success

  • Start of Fame

    Start of Fame
    in 1995 was released by the movie bad boys
  • will smith divorce

    will smith divorce
    Will divorce Sheree Zampino
  • Independence day

    Independence day
    Will Smith is Captain Steven Hiller, a Marine Corps pilot in the United States, appears to be an African-American.
  • 2nd wedding

    2nd wedding
    will smith marry Jada Pinkett in 1997 she is her wife to the actuality
  • men in black

    men in black
    not at first accepted the role of j in men in black, his wife persuaded him to accept the role
  • born Jaden Smith

    born Jaden Smith
    jaden is the 2nd son of will smith. he was born in karate kid wiht Jackie Chan
  • Enemy of the State

    Enemy of the State
    starring will smith movie with Gene Hackman won a Golden Globe and an Oscar.
  • wild wild west

    wild wild west
    Will Smith turned down the role of Neo in The Matrix by he was going to star Wild Wild West
  • Willow Smith

    Willow Smith
    hes real name is Willow Camille Reign Smith Pinketts. he is the tree son of will smith, she was born in im leyend
  • Period: to

    international success

  • oscar award nomination

    oscar award nomination
    he was nominate to the academy adawars because the movie Alí
  • Shark Tale

    Shark Tale
    will smith is the voice of oscar in Shark Tale
  • Hitch

    Hitch starring Will seduction specialist in the role of Alex Hitchens
  • live 8 in phyladelfia

    live 8 in phyladelfia
    Will was the host of Live 8 in Philadelphia
  • The Pursuit of Happyness

    The Pursuit of Happyness
    Will Smith starred with his son Jaden The Pursuit of Happyness movie that was nominated for Oscar awards
  • star on the walk of fame in hollywood

    star on the walk of fame in hollywood
    Will Smith left his mark on the road of fame holywood
  • im legend

    im legend
    will smith starred i am legend, movie in which she plays Lt. Col. Robert Neville. he is the last man without the disease in the city of new york
  • hancock

    Hancock is a drunken superhero that causes multiple damage the city of Los Angeles and is pursued by the DPLA
  • tv guide

    tv guide
    Will Smith appeared on the list of most fascinating people of the United States published by TV Guide