Mormon Religion

  • Brigham Young

    Brigham Young
    Brigham Young is born in the town of Whitingham to a family of Vermont farmers.
  • Period: to

    Joseph Smith & His Family

    December 23, 1805: Joseph Smith was born. Joseph, Sr. and his sons hunt using various divination tools, when viewed at the bottom of a hat, are said to convey special sight. They move to New Hampshire, to help their children go to school.
  • Typhoid Epidemic

    Typhoid Epidemic
    A local typhoid epidemic infects the Smith children. Joseph develops a leg infection, that will require him to use crutches and walk with a limp.
  • Period: to

    Finding His Way

    The Smith family moves to Palmyra, New York because of their crop failure. Young leaves his family, who have settled in New York, and sets out on his own as a carpenter and handyman.
  • First Vision

    First Vision
    God and Jesus appear to 14-year-old Joseph Smith in the "First Vision"
  • Angel Moroni

    Angel Moroni
    Angel Moroni reveals location of golden plates to Joseph Smith. According to Moroni, the book describes the people who used to inhabit America and contains "the fullness of the everlasting Gospel."
  • Period: to

    Finding His Love

    Smith and his father go to Pennsylvania to find a treasure. They find no treasure, but Smith falls in love with Emma Hale. They get married.
  • The Book of Mormon

    The Book of Mormon
    Joseph Smith publishes the Book of Mormon, an English translation of the golden plates. $1.25 a peice at the time.
  • Church of Jesus Christ

    Church of Jesus Christ
    Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints founded. Smith became known as a prophet.
  • Mob Harms Smith

    Mob Harms Smith
    Smith's headquarters was in Kirkland. A mob resentful of growing Mormon influence tars and feathers Smith in front of his Kirtland house.
  • Book of Commandments

    Book of Commandments
    Joseph Smith published the Book of Commandments.
  • Kirtland Safety Society Bank

    Kirtland Safety Society Bank
    Smith forms the Kirtland Safety Society Bank, but a national economic panic begins, which leads to his bank collapse.
  • Massacre at Haun's Mill

    Massacre at Haun's Mill
    Non-Mormons attempt to prevent church members from voting, leading to a bloody fight. Stirred up by the governor's decree, an anti-Mormon mob massacres church members at Haun's Mill. Smith is charged with treason.
  • Period: to

    Nauvoo, Illionois

    Joseph Smith and his followers settle in Illinois, found the city of Nauvoo. He demands compensation for the Mormon losses in Missouri, from Martin Van Buren who was unable to do anything. Nauvoo becomes bolstered by an influx of Mormon converts from Europe.
  • New Practices

    New Practices
    Joseph Smith runs for President of the United States. Smith introduces two new practices. First, the dead can be baptized. Second, there can be polygamy relationships. Joseph Smith goes on to have 25 wives.
  • Who to Follow?

    Who to Follow?
    Joseph Smith is killed by a mob while awaiting trial for promoting a riot. A struggle for the leadership of the Mormon movement follows, in which the Saints are divided over whether to follow (a) the Council of the Twelve; (b) the surviving members of the Smith family; (c) the remaining members of the First Presidency; or (d) a variety of other potential leaders.
  • Nauvoo Temple

    Nauvoo Temple
    The Nauvoo Temple is completed. a substantial number of polygamous marriages are solemnized.
  • Mormons Settling

    Mormons Settling
    Brigham Young establishes the First Presidency. The valley of the Great Salt Lake is where the Mormons will settle.
  • Mormon Headquarters

    Mormon Headquarters
    Mormon headquarters established at Salt Lake City, Utah.
  • Doctrine of Polygamy

    Doctrine of Polygamy
    The doctrine of polygamy is made public outside the church, leading to widespread condemnation.
  • Mormon Missionaries

    Mormon Missionaries
    Mormon missionaries establish a settlement in what will become Las Vegas. Settlements are also established in San Bernardino, California and in the Wind River area of Wyoming.
  • Utah War

    Utah War
    Utah War between Mormons and federal forces.
  • Mountain Meadows Massacre

    Mountain Meadows Massacre
    Mormon militia kill 120 immigrants on their way to California
  • New Organization

    New Organization
    Joseph Smith III claims to receive a revelation as Prophet/President of a "New Organization" of the Latter Day Saint church.
  • Morrill Anti-Bigamy Act

    Morrill Anti-Bigamy Act
    The Morrill Anti-Bigamy Act criminalizes plural marriage in U.S. territories, but President Abraham Lincoln declines to enforce it.
  • Increasing Members

    Increasing Members
    The Church of the Latter-day Saints has 109,894 members.
  • Polygamy Outlawed

    Edmunds Act outlaws polygamy
  • Edmunds-Tucker Act

    Edmunds-Tucker Act
    The Edmunds-Tucker Act disincorporates the Mormon Church and gives the federal government all church property about $50,000.
  • Abolish Polygamy

    Mormons formally abolish polygamy.
  • Prosecuting Polygamists

    Prosecuting Polygamists
    The church threatens polygamists with excommunication and subsequently cooperates with federal authorities in prosecuting them.
  • Community of Christ

    Community of Christ
    The Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints changed its name to the Community of Christ
  • Mormonism

    "Reform Mormonism" founded
  • Period: to

    Mormonism Lives on Till Today

    Today there are nearly 13 million members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints worldwide. A variety of Mormon Fundamentalist groups continue to practice polygamy. The estimated number of fundamentalists is somewhere between 30,000 and 60,000.