Timeline starting 1850

By Ouss121
  • The St. Lawrence and Atlantic Railroad opens.

    John Smith went to visit the new St.Lawrence Atlantic Railroad.
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    1850 timeline

  • The first Canadian postage stamps are printed

    When John Smith went to send a letter to his sister he had to use a new Canadaian stamp.
  • Prince Edward Island wins responsible government

    When reading the newspaper John Smith read an article about how the Prince Edwward Island have responsability over the goverment.
  • Beginning of a fire which burns 11,000 houses in Montreal.

    When John Simth was walking down the street he saw a very large fire and went home for safty.
  • The Toronto Stock Exchange opens

    When John Simth heard about the Toronto Stock Exchange he travelled to Toronto and had a look at it.
  • Gavazzi Riot in Quebec are quelled by military.

    When John Smith went to the pub with a couple of friends a person walked up to them and told them about the Riot in Quebec.
  • The Grand Trunk Railway is opened to Portland.

    When one of John Smiths friends came over for some fun they talked about how there neighbour is going to the Grand Trunk Railway.
  • The Great Western Railway opens, linking Toronto, Hamilton and Windsor.

    When the Great Western Railway was opened John Smith went to see it he thought it wa. magnificent
  • The Canadian-American Reciprocity Treaty is signed

    When John Smith heard about the treaty he had a party to celabrate.
  • Bytown is renamed Ottawa.

    When John Smith saw they had renamed Bytown to Ottawa he like the choice of name unlike the last name he didn't like it.
  • Creation of the village of Embrun, Ontario.

    John Smith wondered where Embrun.
  • The Grand Trunk Railway opens its Sarnia-Toronto-Montreal line.

    When John Smith went to go to Toronto he learned about the Sarnia-Toronto-Monteral Line.
  • March 12 — The bridge over Desjardins Canal, near Hamilton, Canada West, collapses under a Great Western Railway passenger train. About 60 people die.

    When John Smith read about the terrible thing that happened he went to pay his respect.
  • Ottawa is chosen as the new capital of the Canadas

    When he heard about how Ottawa was the new capital of Canada he was happy that he was in the capital of Canada
  • William Morris, businessman, militia officer, justice of the peace, politician, and school administrator (born 1786)

    When he heard about the justice of peace he wasn't that happy
  • Andrew Bonar Law, politician and Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (died 1923)

    When he read about that in the newspaper he told his friends about it at the pub
  • De Stoeckl returns to U.S. from Saint Petersburg with authority to negotiate the sale of Alaska.

    When he heard about the sale of Alaska he really didn't care
  • William Hall, becomes the first Nova Scotian and the first Black to win the Victoria Cross.

    He felt good when he heard about him wining the Victoria Cross
  • 205 killed when the SS Hungarian (Allan Line) is wrecked at Cape Sable, Nova Scotia[1]

    When he was having a good day he read about how all those people died is day turned upside down
  • The construction of the Canadian House of Commons began. The cornerstone of the Parliament buildings is laid this day.

    John read the newspaper detailing the construction, he was not very interested.
  • The construction of the Canadian House of Commons began. The cornerstone of the Parliament buildings is laid this day.

  • A major flood hits Montreal

    When the flood came he tried to get to safty as soon as possible
  • The UK declares its neutrality in American Civil War.

    John was not sure to be relived or worried, as he dosen't know if they are proctecting Canada.
  • United Kingdom-United States treaty for suppression of African slave trade is signed.

    He didn't like how they were trading slaves
  • Macdonald-Cartier government falls. Free interprovincial trade granted by the Crown.

    When the goverment fell he wasn;t superisd
  • U.S. gives notice of intent to abrogate reciprocity.

    John was wondering what the U.S was up to...
  • Louis-Victor Sicotte appointed a puisne judge of the Superior Court for Saint-Hyacinthe District

    Another new judge? John was not suprised as he read the paper this morning.
  • A train of newly arrived immigrants fails to stop at the open swing span near Beloeil, Canada East. The Grand Trunk Railway train runs into the Richelieu River, killing 99.

    When reading that in the newspaper he was very shocked
  • North-South negotiations begin at Niagara Falls, New York

    John was relived as there would be a treaty now.
  • Legislature approves message to Crown for union of British North America provinces.

  • New Brunswick rejects a Confederation scheme.

    John Tsk's, Have the confederation no shame?
  • Battle of Ridgeway, Fenians invade Canada, giving Irish republicans at home a greater advantage over the British back home

    John was nervous, an evacuation took place, and now he was in a safehouse..
  • London Conference, conference on resolutions discussed in 1864, to be added to the British North America Act

    John instantly skimmed over the article on the paper, didn't interest him.
  • Queen Victoria gives royal assent to the British North America Act, 1867.

  • The Province of Canada, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick are united into the Dominion of Canada by the British North America Act.

    John grinned as he heard the news! he could finally go visit his relatives!
  • Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario established

  • Father of Confederation Thomas D'Arcy McGee is assassinated in Ottawa by Irish Fenians

    John was sad as he heard the father of the confederation was killed by those blasted Irishmen!
  • Lord Lisgar replaces Viscount Monck of Ballytrammon as Governor General

  • Patrick James Whelan is hanged for the assassination of Thomas D'Arcy McGee

    John attened the hanging, he wanted to see that bastard die painfully...
  • Alfred Boyd becomes its first premier of Manitoba.

    John Smith fely upset about this.
  • The 1870 Manitoba election

  • The Treaty of Washington reaches agreements on fishing rights and Great Lakes trade between Canada and the United States

  • New Brunswick abandons separate schools.

  • The beginning of the Toronto Printers' Strike for a nine-hour day.

    Jogh Smith went to Toronto to see this
  • The Trade Unions Act is passed in parliament, legalizing labour unions. The Criminal Law Amendment Act is also passed, making picketing illegal.

  • Sixty are killed in a coal mine explosion in Nova Scotia

    When John Smith saw that one of the people that died was his friend
  • Sixty are killed in a coal mine explosion in Nova Scotia

  • The Cypress Hills Massacre occurs.

  • Federal election: Alexander Mackenzie's Liberals win a majority, defeating J. A. Macdonald's Liberal-Conservatives

    When John Smith heard about this he was surprised because ussually J.A Macdonald's
  • Nova Scotia election: Philip Carteret Hill's Liberals win a second consecutive majority

  • The Supreme Court of Canada is created

  • Construction begins on the Canadian Pacific Railway

  • The building of Fredericton City Hall is completed

  • 1876 Prince Edward Island election: Lemuel Cambridge Owen's Conservatives win a second consecutive majority

  • The Great Fire of Saint John, New Brunswick had destroyed over 80 hectares (200 acres) and 1,612 structures including eight churches, six banks, fourteen hotels, eleven schooners and four wood boats.

  • Treaty 7 signed.

  • Both the Université de Montréal and the University of Western Ontario are incorporated

    When John Smith heard about the university he wanted to join it.
  • In the Quebec election, Joseph-Adolphe Chapleau's Conservatives win a minority

  • Sir John A. Macdonald introduces protective tariffs on manufactured goods being imported into Canada, a transcontinental railway, and immigration to the west in his National Policy.

  • The Alberta Canada Cannibal. Swift Runner was executed for murdering and then eating eight members of his own family over the previous winter. He believed he was possessed by Wendigo, a terrifying mythological creature with a ravenous appetite for human f

    When the cannibal was killed he was glad
  • The wife of the governor general, The Princess Louise, Marchioness of Lorne, is seriously injured when the viceregal sleigh overturns on a Rudolph Ottawa street.

  • George Brown fatally shot by a disgruntled employee