Adam smith

Adam Smith

  • Smith was born

    Smith was born
    Adam Smith Adam smith was born.
  • Early years

    Early years
    Adam Smith Smith went to school and recived his primary education. He could not get a very very high education because of his familys wealth growing up. He was not poor but still didn not hvae a ver high chance of getting a great education at the time.
  • Smith gets kidnapped

    Smith gets kidnapped
    Smith gets kidnapped by Gypses. Smith had know idea what to do or what to fight against so he just gave up on trying.
  • Learning lauguages

    Learning lauguages
    Adam Smith IN the1730
    Smith was trying to learn Latin so that he could have th eability to speak more than one lauunguage and also to help other people who can only speak LAtin.
  • Better Education

    Better Education
    Adam Smith Smith was accepeted into the University of Glascgw when he was 14 years old.He was the youngest in his family to attend. His family did not think he could do it but he proved them worng and brought a telagram home to show them.
  • Biggest Teachings

    Biggest Teachings
    Adam SMith Smith becomes the biggest chair of logic someone has ever met. Everyone looked up to him for almost everything they did bcause they thought of him as a role model.
  • Became professer

    Became professer
    he was announced professer of logic at Glasgow university. Smith worked hard to push his chances of being a professer. SMith growing up hated schoool, as he got older smith wanted to proced in given others an education like he did.
  • Smiths big retierment

    Smiths big retierment
    Adam Smith He retires at the age of 43. After a while of tutoring the Dukes. Smith was sad he retired because giving an education to another student was the thing he loved the most.
  • Orgin of Capitilism

    Orgin of Capitilism
    Adam Smith Adam Started the Orgin of Capitilism in 1776 in Europe. It was to show the great and unique ideas of the economic therios.
  • Big Publish

    Big Publish
    Smith publishes the "Wealth of nations"
    This has been one of his biggest publishe he has released.
    People all over were wanting to read "Wealth of Nations" because it had such a good story behind it and the meaning of it touched all the people wo read it.
  • Friend dies, New life

    Friend dies, New life
    Smith published his greatest peice of work on the same day his best friend had past away. The work he pulblished was his greatest one yet.
  • Came back ot work

    Came back ot work
    Adam smith Adam came back so that he could finish up his working carrer and become more popular than what he was when he left. Work he taught was his home. He felt in charge and always a leader.
  • Smiths Big Move

    Smiths Big Move
    Adam Smith Smith moved to London to persue he life even futher. Smth wanted to change things up a bit and have a little restart and a refresher about life. London was the place he said he could see himself here for a while just because it feels like home.
  • Royal Society

    Royal Society
    He became a founding member of the Royal Society of Edinburgh. People thought he was a good leader and would treat everything with respect and not argue with something that wasent right.
  • Smiths Video and workcited

    Smiths Video and workcited
  • Smith Dies

    Smith Dies
    Adam Smith passed away because of his illness. He died in Edinburgh, United Kingdom.