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Jedediah Smith

  • Birth

    Jedediah Smith is born. He is the 6th of 14 children.
  • Period: to

    Jedediah Smith

    The life of Jedediah Smtih
  • President

    Thomas Jefferson is electeed the secound man ever to president in the US.
  • Louisiana Purchase

    Louisiana Purchase
    The United States buys the land west of the Appalation Mountains. We bought this land from the French.
  • Lewis and Clark

    Lewis and Clark
    The Lewis and Clark expedition is led from 1804 to 1806. They are very succesful in their jouney. They explored the new land the US purchased.
  • Pikes peak

    Pikes peak
    While exploring the southern portion of the Louisiana Purchase, Zebulon Pike sees the famous peak that now bears his name. The peak is Pikes peak located in Colorado.
  • War Against England

    War Against England
    The USA participates in another war against England. We, the USA, is victorius again against the now angry England.
  • Fort Astoria

    Fort Astoria
    Fort Astoria is sold to a rival company against Jedediah Smith's company. Fort Astoria is sold for 40,000 dollars ( which today is about 570,000 dollars in today's money) to the Northwest Fur company.
  • Intrest

    in 1814 many nights of Jedediah,s life were spent reading Louis and Clark,s jounel. I image at about this point young Jedediah was already thinking about being an explorer.
  • Burned down

    Burned down
    The British burn down the White house. The British General led his troops into Washington D.C. and set torches to the White house.
  • Exploration in the Rockies

    Exploration in the Rockies
    Before Jedediah Smith started exploring, a man named Donald Mcinzie explored the Rockie mountains. His explorations were succeseful but, he did not dare venture into the Sierra Nevada. His expedition lasted until 1819
  • Erie Canal

    Erie Canal
    The construction on the Erie Canal begins. This is a crutical starting point so that we can transport more goods.The Erie Canal eventually opens in 1825.
  • Jobs

    Jedediah Smith went out to find work. WIlliam Ashley of a fur trade company set out an add for 100 strong men willing to fur trade all across the unknown territory. Jedediah Smith knew this was the perfect job and he took it.
  • Atacked

    Jedediah Smith and his other friends were atacked by 600 Indians. The men in the group with Smith retreated. 12 of his men were killed.
  • South Pass

    South Pass
    Smith was leading a group of men looking for a new area of furr trading. He located the once gone South pass and opened more area for furr trading.
  • Exploration

    Smith takes a group of men into Oregon and explores more of it. None of his men die this time and he sucsesfully in finding new fur trading land.
  • Fort Vancouver

    Fort Vancouver
    Through 1829 Jedediah lived in Fort Vancover in Canada. He stayed in Vancover this long to recover. Smith and his expedition were attcked by Indians. only 4 people survived including him.
  • Death

    Jedediah Smtih died by Commanche Indians. He was going to Santa Fe while scouting for water when they surprised attcked him.
  • Fur trade

    Fur trade
    The last major gathering of fur trade is held in Wyoming. This is where rare fur would get traded and also sold to the highest buyer.
  • Night of the Muesam

    Night of the Muesam
    Jedediah Smith is portrayed in a movie. THe movie that Smith is in is located in New York. This movie makes Jedediah Smith more known throughout the world.