Timeline of Mormonism

  • Period: 34 to 100

    Apostles lead New Testament Church

  • Period: to

    First Great Awakening

  • Period: to

    The Second Great Awakening

  • Marriage between Joseph Smith Sr. and Lucy Mack

    Marriage between Joseph Smith Sr. and Lucy Mack
  • Joseph Smith Jr. Birth

    Joseph Smith Jr. Birth
    Born in Sharon Township, in Windsor County, Vermont
  • Period: to

    Joseph's Childhood

    At 7 years old He suffered complications from typhoid fever and was operated on
    Moved from Vermont to Palmyra
  • Church Rivalries

    Church Rivalries
    During the time of Joseph Smith's teenage year, in the city of Palmyra there are 4 churches on four corners in the city. The churches were the following: Presbyterian, Methodist, Baptists and Episcopal. They were very prominent in getting people to join their churches and preaching what they believed was the "true" word of God. At this time Joseph felt very pressured on joining which church, especially because his parents belonged to 2 different churches.
  • First Vision

    First Vision
    At the age of 14 Joseph was very conflicted on which church to join, and turned to New Testament for Guidance and read John 3:5. Then went to what is now the Sacred Grove in Palmyra and prayed. He then had what is called the First Vision in the Mormon religion which is when God and Jesus Christ came down and told him to join none of the churches and start restoring the true chruch of God.
  • Period: to

    First appearances of Moroni

    Moroni was the last Nephite prophet in the late fourth and early fifth centuries
  • Period: to

    Joseph Smiths 3 annual visits to the Hill Cumorah

    the location in which Moroni buried the golden plates which contained the writings of the prophets in the Book of Mormon
  • Period: to

    meeting- marriage of Joseph Smith and his wife Emma Hale

  • It is revealed to Joseph the location of the golden plates

    It is revealed to Joseph the location of the golden plates
    On top of the Hill Cumorah
  • Joseph regained the gift to translate the BOM

    Joseph regained the gift to translate the BOM
  • Period: to

    First 116 Pagesof the Book of Mormon get translated

    The manuscript of the Book of Mormon is lost
  • Period: to

    BOM (Book of Mormon)

    the Book of Mormon was completed and first printed in Palmyra and then went on sale
  • Period: to

    Preisthood restored

    John the Baptist restored the Aaronic Priesthood
    Peter, James, and John restored the Melchizedek Priesthood
  • Period: to

    Expandment of the Church

    men began going on Misions and bapsting people in surrounding states, as well as converting Native americans. More was added to the BOM
  • Period: to

    Church became reorganized

    Between April and September of 1830 many things happened for the church after it was reorganized. It became public to the people as well as the first and second gernal Conferences happened. Baptisms stated to happen as well as persecutions. Joseph Smith was arrested for the first of many times. The church then started the custom of the sacrament, and people started to go on missions.
  • Dedication of Temple site- Kirkland Ohio

    Dedication of Temple site- Kirkland Ohio
  • Mob tarred and Feathered Joseph Smith and Sidney Rigdon

  • Period: to

    Expulsion from Jackson County

    Mobs start vandalizing things like the printing shop and the Whitmer Settlement. It got to the point where people (Elders) wee offering their lives for the saftey of other Mormons. Incidents got nicknames such as "Bloody day". until they were eventuallly expelled form Jackson County
  • Word of Wisdom Revealed

  • Anti-Mormon political party organzed in Hancock County

  • Joseph Smith's murder

    Joseph Smith and Hyrum Smith were murdered by a mob in Carthage
  • Period: to

    The start to move West

    Brigham Young (the next Prophet after Joseph Smith) declares that Mormons will start moving West (they start moving there in groups)
  • Period: to

    The settlement in Utah

    They finally settle in The Salt Lake Valley
  • Period: to

    End of Polygamy

    When the church was first founded it was known that the act of ploygamy in the church was used. In the 1860s the goverment started creating laws against polgyamy, though the chruch countiuned to use it. It was not until 1890 when President Woodruff recevied revalation that polygamy was no longer need or welcome in the church.
  • BYU opened

    BYU opened
  • Death of Brigham Young

  • Missionary work started in Mexico

  • BYU Idaho Opens

    BYU Idaho Opens
  • Women Missionaries

    Women Missionaries
    Women missionaies were now allowed
  • BYU Hawaii opened

    BYU Hawaii opened
  • Church reaches 6 million members

  • More than half the church members live out of the US

  • Chrch reaches over 10 million

  • Missionaries

    as of 2016, there are 70,946 full time LDS mormons serving in 421 LDS churches around the world
  • Church reaches over 16 million members

  • Temples

    There are now 160 dedicated temples in the world, 10 under construction, and 31 announced and waiting to be built temples.