The white Gates

  • Period: to

    new year

  • Mrs. sinclair and her son torin moved to a small town in colorado

  • mrs. sinclair gets a her first patient the night after they get their

  • Torin gets to know the town and where he's going to school and things like that and also is going to get snowboarding lesson to be on the snowboarding team their in town

  • torin gets snowboarding lessons

  • torin becomes a natrual at snowboarding

  • bad things start to happen in the town because of the curse on torins mom

  • torin and his friends are finding different things out about the curse

  • more and more bad things are happeneing, more people are getting hurt and becasue of the curse mrs. sinclair cant do anything about it

  • torin found out what he has to do to break the curse

  • torin rides the white gate mountain and comes to near death but breaks the curse of the town and his mother

  • everything is fine now and the town is safe and happy now that the curse is gone and torin is the towns best snowboarder