The Vietnam War

Timeline created by KathrynCerra
  • U.S. Training South Vietnamese

    The U.S. Military Assistance Advisor Group (MAAG) assumes responsibility, from French, for training South Vietnamese forces.
  • U.S. Servicemen Killed in Guerrilla Attack

    U.S. Servicemen Killed in Guerrilla Attack
    Major Dale R. Buis and Master Sergeant Chester M. Ovnand become the first Americans to die in the Vietnam War when guerillas strike at Bienhoa.
  • Kennedy elected President

    Kennedy elected President
    Kennedy is elected president. He was the 35th president of the United States. He will be later killed while in office.
  • JFK orders more soldiers to fight with Vietnam

    The U.S. sends in more troops, equipment, and advisors into Vietnam to aid in the fight against the guerrillas.
  • Operation Chopper

    Operation Chopper
    In Operation Chopper US helicopters ferry 1000 South Vietnamese soldiers into a Vietcong stronghold near Saigon. It was America's first combat mission against the Vietcong.
  • US Military Employs Agent Orange

    US Military Employs Agent Orange
    U.S. Air Force begins using Agent Orange; a defoliant that came in metal orange containers to expose roads and trails used by Vietcong forces.
  • Kennedy Assassinated

    Kennedy Assassinated
    Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas Texas. While in dallas he was shot in the head with his wife sitting right next to him.
  • LBJ.

    Lyndon B. Johnson becomes President upon John Kennedys' assassination. He will finish out JFK's term and ran for himself. He was the president until 1969.
  • U.S. Helicopter

    U.S. Helicopter
    A U.S. helicopter base and advisory compound in the central highlands of South Vietnam is attacked by NLF commandos. Nine Americans are killed and more than 70 are wounded. President Johnson immediately orders U.S. Navy fighter-bombers to attack military targets just inside North Vietnam.
  • Operation "Rolling Thunder" Deployed

    Operation "Rolling Thunder" Deployed
    Sustained American bombing raids of North Vietnam, dubbed Operation Rolling Thunder, begin in February. The nearly continuous air raids would go on for three years.
  • Operation Crimp

    Operation Crimp
    U.S. forces launch Operation Crimp. Deploying nearly 8,000 troops, it is the largest American operation of the war. The goal of the campaign is to capture the Vietcong's headquarters for the Saigon area, which is believed to be located in the district of Chu Chi. Though the area in Chu Chi is razed and repeatedly patrolled, American forces fail to locate any significant Vietcong base.
  • The Air Battles

    Desperate air battles rage in the skies over Hanoi and Haiphong. America air forces shoot down 26 North Vietnamese jets, destroying half of the North Vietnamese air force.
  • Richard Nixon

    Richard Nixon
    Richard Nixon is elected President of the United States. He will be responsible for many of the upcoming events until he resigns in 1974.
  • Peace with Honor

    Peace with Honor
    President Richard M. Nixon takes office as the new President of the United States. With regard to Vietnam, he promises to achieve "Peace With Honor." His aim is to negotiate a settlement that will allow the half million U.S. troops in Vietnam to be withdrawn, while still allowing South Vietnam to survive.
  • Withdrawal

    The United States begins to withdrawal from Vietnam. The war however will not end for another almost five years.
  • Cease! Not Quite.

    The United States signs to cease fire with North Vietnam and Vietcong
  • Merry Christmas

    Nixon unleashes a "Christmas Bomb" on Vietnam
  • Gerald Ford

    Gerald Ford
    After Nixon resigns Gerald Ford becomes President of the United States. He will be the leader of our country at the end for this long war.
  • The End!

    The End!
    Anticipating the fall of Saigon to Communist forces, U.S. President Gerald Ford, speaking in New Orleans, announces that as far as the US is concerned, the Vietnam War is "finished."
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    The Vietnam War