the Vietnam War

  • LBJ

    He was The VP to JFK
  • Franch defeat

    Franch defeat
    The franch lost al the battel at the Dian Bien Phu .
  • JFK

    JFK was killed. He was shoot 2 time one in the head then in the throwt.
  • The Gulf of Tonki

    The Gulf of  Tonki
    destroyer USS Maddox Was a take by three North Vietnamese Navy torpedo boats
  • My lai

    My lai
    The us army killed any thing that was a live in the vilage
  • Nixon

    He was put in the office. To become the presdint
  • The fall of saigon

    The fall of saigon
    This is when the north take over the south. The us try to help so much that we tock so many people out to get them safe from the north .