The US Civil War

  • Lincoln's First Term Election

    Lincoln's First Term Election
    Lincoln was one of four men in the 1860 election. In the South, he wasn't even on the ballots. The South tried to make sure that Lincoln wasn't elected, but failed. Lincoln got the majority of the votes, which was only barely 40%. That means that the other 60% of Americans at the time didn't want him. But, because of there being 4 candidates, Lincoln got the majority.
  • Confederate States of America Forming

    Confederate States of America Forming
    Eleven states seceded form the union in responce from the election of 1860. They feared that the new republican president would free their slaves which would destroy their economy.
  • Fort Sumpter

    This was the battle that started the civil war. the Confederates and the Union both wanted control of the fort. They demanded that the union left the fort. Battle resembled a siege and after 34 hours of bombmardment the Union agreed to evacuate.
  • The Battle of Bull Run: Number 1

    The Battle of Bull Run: Number 1
    This battle was fought on July 21st of 1861. It was known as Bull Run to the Union and Manassas to the Confederacy. The Union suffered 2,896 casualties while the Confederacy only suffered 1,982. So, because of that, the Union lost this battle and the South crushed the North's hopes to end the war early.
  • USS Moniter Vs. CSS Virginia

    USS Moniter Vs. CSS Virginia
    The CSS Virgina started destroying ships in the US blockade. It was intercepted by the unions ironclad the USS Monitor. The battle ended in a stalemate.
  • battle of shiloh

    This was a two day long battle in southwest Tennessee. Ulysses S Grant moved his army on the Tennessee river and they camped on the side of the river. They were attacked by the confederates who seceded the first day of the battle but lost on the second.
  • The Union Captures New Orleans

    The Union Captures New Orleans
    There was no casualties in the capture of New Orleans. But, the South did lose one of their most important Trading Posts.
  • 7 Days Battle

    This was a series of 6 battles that the confederates won, but they paid a price for it. the confederacy had 20,204 casualities and the Union had 15,855
  • The Battle Of Bull Run: Number 2

    Just like the first, the South wins this Battle of Bull Run, too. As John Pope led his 62,000 troops against Robert E. Lee's army of 50,000, they had more casualties than the South...again. The Union had about 10,000 while the Confederacy had approximately 8,300 casualties. The battle ended August 30th.
  • The Battle Of Antietem

    The Battle Of Antietem
    This is known as the Single Bloodiest Day of War in American History for a reason. The North had 12,401 casualties, 2,108 deaths. The South had 10,316, their death toll being 1,546. This was a Union win that would be a major turning point. This later led to the Emancipation Proclaimation.
  • The Emancipation Proclamation

    The Emancipation Proclamation
    This actually didn't free all slaves, like how most abolishionists wanted. It only freed the slaves in territories that the Union didn't control. It would have been "proclaimed" earlier but Lincoln's advisers, it was stalled until a turning point of the war so it wouldn't seem like an act of desperation.
  • 1st (Union) Conscription Act

    This was the United States first military draft. It caused many riots in New York. It favored the rich becuase there was an option to pay $300 and not have to serve even though that was some people's yearly salery.
  • Period: to

    Siege of Vicksburg

    The Confederates went on the defencive around the city of Vicksburg. After two failed union assults on the fort they besieged it. They held out for 40 days and eventually surendered on july 4th
  • West Virginia Becoming a State

    Virginia sepated into two states. Virginia entered the Confederacy and West Virginia entered the Union.
  • The Battle Of Gettysburg

    The Battle Of Gettysburg
    This battle lasted three days. It's the bloodiest battle in US history. The Union had 23,055 casualties with the death toll being 3,155. The Confederacy actually had more casualties with 26,231 of which 4,708 was deaths. The Union won. Because of this battle, Lincoln gave the Gettysburg Address.
  • The Gettysburg Address

    The Gettysburg Address
    Lincoln gave this speech in honor of the soldier that died in the Battle of Gettysburg. The most famous part of this speech started with, "Four score and seven years ago...". Lincoln thought that this speech would help inspire "a new birth of freedom" and a "renewed Union".
  • Sherman's March to The Sea

    Sherman's March to The Sea
    After the Union took control of the Mississippi major general william tecumseh sherman lead his army east thought Georgia and captured Atlanta. This limited the souths ability to wage war.
  • Lincoln's Sencond Term Election

  • Surrender at Appomattox courthouse

    Surrender at Appomattox courthouse
    After Robert E. Lee had his final stand at the appomattox courthouse he was forced to surrender. the army of Northern Virginia surrendered and was paroled. This ended the civil war.
  • Lincoln's Assassination

    Lincoln's assassination was surprizingly shot on Good Friday, which was April 14, 1865, during the play "Our American Cousin." The shooter was none other than John Wilkes Booth. Lincoln later died later the next day. When found, Booth was shot in the spine. In his dying moments, Booth said, "Tell my mother I died for my country." Ironically, Lincoln had a nightmare about the president being shot by an assassin.