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The Up Bringing of Professional Ballet

  • The "Opera Ballet" comes into existence

    The "Opera Ballet" comes into existence
    History of Ballet Starting from the sixteenteeth to the seventeenth centery Opera Ballet came into existence. In this time the performers would dance and also sing in there plays.
  • Dance Notation was starting to become a blur

    Dance Notation was starting to become a blur
    WIth dance becoming such a hit, dance nottation itself was starting to become a blur. Raoul Auger Feuillet published "Chore'graphie, ou l' Art de Decire la Dance". People belived that this book helped with existence of notation.
  • Period: to


  • Paris Opera Ballet did wonders

    Paris Opera Ballet did wonders
    Opening in 1713 Opera Ballet gave the opportunity for well trained dancers to always have a job. Having there personal styles be known and gaining a carrer.
  • Corneille's Les Horaces

    Corneille's Les Horaces
    Dancers from Oprea Ballet, including Prevost and Balon, reenacted well known piece "Corneille's Les Horaces" turning out to be a success.
  • Francoise Prevost

    Francoise Prevost
    Prevost was a beautiful dancer who was a choreographer coming from Paris Opera Ballet school. Doing piece "Les Caractere's de le Danse" was her most famous work done in 1715.
  • John Wavers staged "The Loves of Mars and Venus"

    John Wavers staged "The Loves of Mars and Venus"
    Beautiful production "The Loves of Mars and Venus" was presented in London done by John Wavers.
  • Marie Salle

    Marie Salle
    Marie Salle Marie produced her own version of "Los Caracteres de la Danse". Making in into a love duet. This work brought her to become a sensation by dancing without masks. Marie would incorporate music and costumes with her ballets and match them with the theme.
  • Guillaume-Louis Pecour

    Guillaume-Louis Pecour
    In the eighteenth century well known choreographer Guillaume-Louis Pecour past away, a Very memorable and versatile genius.
  • Jean Philippe

    Jean Philippe
    Philippe at age 51 presented a work "Hippolyte et Arici" made this man well known. Philippe presented this at Paris Opera.
  • Pygmalion

    Marie Salle choreographed work "Pygmalion" in 1734 in London.
  • Les Indes Galantes

    Les Indes Galantes
    Jean Rameau presented another work called "Les Indes Galantes". ANother great piece that he created and involved dancing flower gardens and erupting volcanos.
  • Marie Salle Retired

    Marie Salle Retired
    in 1751 Salle retired being known as the top paid dancer in her time.
  • Jean Georges Noverre

    Jean Georges Noverre
    Being noticed in 1754 for his ballet work "Les Fetes Chinoises" inspired by chinese themes. This was created just for Paris Opera Ballet comique.
  • Letters on Dancing and Ballets

    Letters on Dancing and Ballets
    Jean Georges Noverre published book "Letters on Dancing and Ballets". Book was the most influential dance books ever published.
  • Jason and Medea

    Jason and Medea
    Jean Georges Noverre came out with the work "Jason and Medea". Based on his research of mythology that lots of viewers had a huge stir about.
  • Gennaro Magri

    Gennaro Magri
    Magri goes into deep detail about having dancers perform in a way as if they were paintings in his book "Theoretical and Pratical Treatise on Dancing".
  • Jason Medea bad reviews

    in 1780 the play started being called "Ballet Terrible" describing viewers.
  • Vincenzo Galeotti

    Vincenzo Galeotti
    Galeotti created "The Whims of Cupid" and "The Ballet Master" for the royal Danish ballet.
  • Ballet Master Pierre Gardel

    Ballet Master Pierre Gardel
    As a well known choreographer and ballet master Gardel loved ballet d' action and used this theory tell early nineteenth centery.
  • La Fille Mal Garde'e

    La Fille Mal Garde'e
    Jean Dauberval created another ballet done in the eighteenth century having it still performed today was "La Fille Mal Garde'e.
  • Charles Didelot

    Charles Didelot
    French choreographer Charles Didelot presented work "Flore et Zephyre". Didelot was able to bring the illousion of dancers in flight, by attaching long wire to there costumes and rising them as if they could fly.
  • Barberina Campanini

    Barberina Campanini
    Another name this lady was known for was her stage name LaBarberina. Well trained in Italy where the schools mainly focused on speed and agility. People feel in love with her ability to turn and entrechats.
  • Pierre Gardel

    Pierre Gardel
    Gardel staged work "La Dansomanie" in 1800's.
  • Achille a' Scyros

    Achille a' Scyros
    Pierre Gardel staged piece "Achille a' Scyros. Another one of his mythological creations.
  • Auguste Vestris Retires

    Auguste Vestris Retires
    Auguste Vestris a man known for his becomings of being one of the most distinguished teachers in the nineteenth century retires in 1816
  • Marie-Madeleine Guimard

    Marie-Madeleine Guimard
    Passing away in 1816 was a well known ballerina who always gave her best in the shows. Giving out very dramatic apperinses and known for her charity work to the poor.
  • The view of Ballet was changing

    The view of Ballet was changing
    Pierre Gardel's ballet work was starting to become "stuffy" as most viwers would describe.