The U.S. history timeline 1600-1700

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  • Jamestown

    The first permanent English settlement in America. It is established by the London Company in southeast Virginia.
  • Starving time

    The colony lacked supplies and clashed with the natives
  • The tobacco

    John Rolfe grew the first tobacco in Virginia
  • The first tobacco exported to Europe

    The colonists grew tobacco in 1616 and shipped it to the British Empire in 1617
  • The House of Burgesses

    the first representative assembly in America meets for the first time in Virginia. The first African slaves are brought to Jamestown.
  • The Plymouth Colony in Massachusetts

    The Plymouth Colony in Massachusetts
    The Plymouth Colony in Massachusetts is established by Pilgrims from England.
  • The Great Pilgrim Movement

    About twenty thousand Puritans migrated to New England
  • Maryland

    In 1632, Charles I set a tract of about 12 million acres of land at the northern tip of the Chesapeake Bay aside for a second colony in America.
  • the Pequot War

    In 1636-1637, Massachusetts Bay colonists sold hundreds of Native Americans into slavery in the West Indies.
  • Population growth

    Colonial population is estimated at 50,400.
  • Economic embargo

    Parliament responded with an act in 1650 that leveled an economic embargo on the rebelling colonies.
  • New Amsterdam

    English seize New Amsterdam from the Dutch and rename it New York.
  • East Jersey and West Jersey

    In 1664, the Duke of York granted the area between the Hudson and Delaware rivers to two English noblemen. These lands were split into two distinct colonies, East Jersey and West Jersey.
  • Colonial rebellion

    The native Americans clashed with the colonists, and the war changed the political and demographic landscape of New England
  • Bacon's rebellion

    In 1676, Bacon led the Bacon Rebellion, which tried to overthrow the colonial government. It ended with his death and his surrender in January 1677
  • The natives of New Mexico drove the Spanish out of the colony

    In New Mexico, the Puebloans eradicated all traces of Spanish rule. They destroyed churches and threw themselves into rivers to wash away their Christian baptisms. “The God of the Christians is dead,” Popé proclaimed, and the Puebloans resumed traditional spiritual practices. The Spanish were exiled for twelve years. They returned in 1692, weakened, to reconquer New Mexico.
  • William Penn founded the state of Pennsylvania

    William Penn received a royal charter from Charles II to establish Pennsylvania.
  • Glorious Revolution

    The Glorious Revolution took place in England in 1688
  • Salem witch trials

    Due to some supernatural phenomenon, the witch hunt took place in Massachusetts