The Twentieth Century

By mia.v
  • 1919

    In 1919, the US publishing house Macmillan
    launched a department devoted entirely to children’s books
  • 1920-1930

    Mod-ern picturebooks began to develop during the 1920sand 1930s;
  • 1922 and 1923

    In 1922 and 1923, two women,
    Helen Dean Fish and May Massee, became the first
    children’s books editors, each at a different company.
  • 1924

    In 1924, The Horn Book Magazine was published
    by the Bookshop for Boys and Girls in Boston under
    the guidance of Bertha Mahony and Elinor Whitney.
  • 1933

    In 1933, May Massee moved to open a children’s
    books department at Viking. Other publishers began
    to open children’s books departments, and children’s
    literature blossomed into the twentieth century
  • 1940-1960

    from the 1940s through the 1960s, chil-dren’s and young adults’ books became an increas-ingly important part of libraries, schools, homes,and publishing houses.