The Twentieth Centrey, Contemporary, Time Line

  • Period: to

    Timeline: Modernism & The Classical Tradition

  • Bela Bartok begins collection peasant songs

  • Charles Ives, "The Unanswered Question"

  • Arnold Schoenberg writes first atonal pieces

  • Igor Stravinsky, "The Firebird"

  • Schoenberg, "Pierrot Iunair

  • Premiere of Stravinsky's, "The Rite of Spring."

  • Ives, "General William Booth Enters into Heaven"

  • Alban Berg, "Wozzeck" -1921

  • Stravinsky begins neoclassical period with "Pulcinella" -1920

  • Schoenberg writes first twelve-tone work, "Piano Suit" -1923

  • Anton Webern, "Symphony" -1928

  • Stravinsky, "Symphony of Psalms"

  • Bartok, Music for Strings, "Percussion and Celesta"

  • Stravinsky and Bortok emigrate to the United States of America

  • Stravinsky takes up serialism