Sarah dessen

The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen

  • Total Chapters; 21. Total Pages; 374

    FICTION: Romance--1-18 pages; total (18)
    Jason Talbot is going off to "Brain Camp" as his girlfriend Macy calls it. Jason is basically the only person Macy trusts.The day after Christmas 3 years back, Macy's father died of a heart attack and she witnessed him dying in the middle of the street. Her family all grieved in different ways. Her mother organized and cleaned, her sister Caroline cried, and Macy stayed silent and angry. Her mother is also a real estate agent.
  • Pages 18-46 total (28)

    Macy was then put to work in the kitchen to help the caterers with the party. She took orders well, and the woman in charge, a pregnant woman Delia, appreciated the extra hands, considering her children weren't of much help to her. The next day, Macy went to her job at the library to fill in for Jason. She wasn't wanted there at all, and she was having a difficult time adjusting to Bethany and Amanda, Jason's co-workers.
  • Pages 46-80 total (34)

    Macy sends Jason an email, and at the end says "I love you". Jason responds to the email saying they need a break. Macy is beyond hurt, and deicdes to drive around, where she spots Delia's van. She follows it, and gets recruited to work another dinner party. She meets Kristy, and they hit it off well. Delia gives her the job and Macy begins to fall for Wes, Delia's nephew.
  • Pages 80-115 total (35)

    Delia calls Macy last minute to help make sandwiches, and instead of declining, she accepts. She get's stuck in a huge hole, which Wes has to come and pull her out of. She goes to the library the next day, and gets back from lunch late because Caroline, her sister, was talking about her dad's old beach house and how they should fix it up. After a hectic shift as a caterer, she finally agrees to go out with Kristy, whom lives in a trailer home with co-worker Monica.
  • Pages 115-149 total (34)

    Wes talks about how his mother passed, and how he created statues because of his mother's ideas. And Kristy tells Macy how she was in a very bad car accident. Macy goes out partying with the Wish co-workers and is recognized by an old track mate, who brings up her father's death. The next day at the library, while on her lunch break with her mother and Caroline, she brings up an idea to renovate the boat house. Macy also starts falling for Wes, extremely hard.
  • Pages 149-201 total (52)

    Macy ends up catering at Jason's parents house, and afterwards goes to a party with Wes. His car runs out of gas and while they're walking to get some, they play the Truth game; Macy revealing her past with her father, making Wes and her much closer. Then, at a party, Macy and Wes flirt A WHOLE LOT. Kristy comes to visit Macy at the library, making her realize that it shouldn't matter what Amanda and Bethany think. As long as Macy's happy, that's all that counts.
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    The Wish girls go out to the party, but Macy rides with Wes, who runs out of gas. They walk to the gas station playing a game called Truth. Throughout the chapters, they play this game to tell the truth, and nothing but it. That's how they get to know each other. Macy's mom becomes concerned with her schoolwork and library job. After work one night Macy goes over to Bert and Wes' house to help Bert get ready for his EOW party. (End of the World).
  • Pages 235-264 total (29)

    After getting Bert ready, Macy goes with Wes to a party. Macy gets drunk, and falls over where Wes catches her. Instead of driving her home and leaving, Wes stays with Macy in her driveway and play the Truth game. Wes passes, meaning the next question Wes asks, if she answers, she wins. He tells her to wait for a week. After work, they're dropping off Macy when Dellia has to go to the bathroom SUPER bad, and Bert doesn't want to miss a TV show. Macy invites them in, and her mother disapproves.
  • Pages 265-298 total (33)

    Macy finds out Jason is coming in for the weekend. She goes to her job as usual, and when Wes visits asking for help and Bethany gets all over him, she snaps and quits. She goe to help Delia and then later that night at work, Delia's water breaks. The Wish crew goes to the hospital, where Macy gets flashbacks and breaksdown. After the baby, Avery, is born Wes takes Macy to the party her mom arranged. She braces herself for her mother, and Jason. Macy knows that her and Jason are over, for good.
  • Pages 298-374 total (76)

    As the cutest story ever read ends, Macy's mom limitations on Macy such as not to see the Wish crew and that she must work with her mom. Her mom's gala comes up, and it happens that Jason is there along with the Wish caterers because of disaster after disaster with the food plans. Wes asked Macy "Is this what you really want?" (reguarding Jason) and she says "Yes." She knew that she made a mistake. So Macy runs after Wes, and FINALLY kisses him. In the end, Macy got Wes and her family together.