The triple alliance

  • Rise of Kaiser Willam II

    William was thew last and only emperor of Germany in 1888, He then died in 1944.
  • European arms race

    European arms race were a group who wanted to stop the War in WWI
  • Assassination of Archduke

    A 19 year old member from the black hand gang shot and killed his pregnant wife, and Archduke himself.
  • Great Britan declares war o Germany

    Great britan joins the war and declares war on Germany right away.
  • Triple allaince

    The triple allaince was three countries working together for WWI those countries were Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy.
  • Austria annexing Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • The battle lines are drawn- Central Powers and Allies (Mid august, 1914)

    Powerful forces in WWI help the lines that are in battle
  • Alliance of Russia and France

    Russia and France become allies in the War for a better chance at winning the war.