the timeline of the icans,mayas,and aztecs

By nene13
  • Period: 250 to


    government by city-skate kings
    Religion plays a major role in society and rule
    trade links between city-states and other mesoamerican groups
    math and astronomy develop to support religious beliefs
    pyramid builders
    written languages using hieroglyphs
  • Dec 8, 1000


    the maya were already practcing a form of a village-based agriculture and growing corns,beans, chile peppers, ans squash.
  • Period: Dec 8, 1200 to Dec 8, 1521


    government by warrior kings
  • Period: Dec 8, 1200 to Dec 8, 1521


    religion plays a major role in the society and rule
    sacrafice practiced for religious offerings
  • Period: Dec 8, 1250 to Dec 8, 1400


    the rulers started to refer to themseves as the incan
  • Dec 8, 1300


    possessed a complex, multilayered society with a sophisticated economy and history steeped in rich mythology