The Three Little Tamales

  • Tortilla warns the tamales

    The tortilla comes by in a panic and tells that tamales they have to run or they'll be eaten!
  • Tamales escape

    The three tamales listens to the tortilla and jumps out the window.
  • Where do the tamales run to?

    The first tamale runs to a prairie and builds a house out of sagebush. The second tamale runs to a corn field and builds a house out of cornstalk. The third tamale runs to a desert and builds a house out of cactus!
  • El Senor Lobo

    El Senor Lobo (Big Bad Wolf) comes to each tamales house and threatens to blow their homes down!
  • El Senor Lobo

    El Senor Lobo (wolf) manages to blow the first and second tamales homes down...but is unable to destroy the third tamales house, that is made of cactus.
  • Wolf is defeated!

    When El Senor Lobo (wolf) tries to blow the third tamales castus house down, he sneezes by accident and all the cactus thorns pricks him and the Big bad wolf runs far away.
  • Tamales and tortillas are saved!

    In the end the Big Bad wolf leaves the tamales and the tortillas alone and they live happily ever after!