The Thirteen Days of Glory

  • Day One

    Day One
    Santa Anna's troops move into San Antonio. He demands that Travis surrender. The answer was an eighteen-pounder cannon shot.
  • Period: to

    The Thirteen Days of Glory

  • Day Two

    Day Two
    An ill Colonel Bowie is now bedridden and gives Travis full command. Travis writes his famous "Appeal for Aid".
  • Day Three

    Day Three
    Travis sends an appeal to Sam Houston.
  • Day Four

    Day Four
    Texians raid La Villita, a Mexican shanty town near the Alamo walls.
  • Day Five

    Day Five
    Travis sends James Bonham to get Fannin's help in Goliad. Winds bring the temperature to 39 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Day Six

    Day Six
    There is little food and rest for the Texians. A new Mexican battery is placed 800 yards north of the Alamo.
  • Day Seven

    Day Seven
    Temperature improves to 55 degrees Fahrenheit. Mexican troops move closer.
  • Day Eight

    Day Eight
    32 reinforcements from Gonzales arrive at the Alamo.
  • Day Nine

    Day Nine
    Texas is declared an Independent Republic, but unaware, Texians keep fighting.
  • Day Ten

    Day Ten
    Bonham returns with a letter saying help is on the way and to hold out. Travis sends out his last known letters.
  • Day Eleven

    Day Eleven
    Mexicans advance to 200 yards from the north wall.
  • Day Twelve

    Day Twelve
    Mexican batteries advance to about 200 yards away. Travis draws a line in the sand and asks who will stay and fight with him. All men excep Louis Rose cross the line. Rose jumps the walls tonight and survives.
  • Day Thirteen

    Day Thirteen
    At 5:00 in the morning, Mexican troops advance. The Alamo fell by 6:30 a.m with every Texian, volunteer and solider killed.