The Thirteen Colonies in The New World

  • Roanoke is Created

    The first English settlement in North America was established on July 22, 1587, when a group of colonists (91 men, 17 women and nine children) settled on the island of Roanoke.
  • Roanokes Disappearance

    Mysteriously, by August 18 1590 the Roanoke colony had vanished entirely.
    •Historians still do not know what became of its inhabitants.
  • The Founding of Jamestown

    December 20, 1606, just a few months after James I issued its charter, the London Company sent 144 men to Virginia on three ships: the Godspeed, the Discovery and the Susan Constant.
    •They reached the Chesapeake Bay on May 14 1607 and headed about 60 miles up the James River, where they built a settlement they called Jamestown.
  • Tobacco Farming

  • Slaves Arrive

  • English emigrants arrive (Pilgrims)

  • Land Granted

  • King Charles II gives territory between New England and Virginia to James, the Duke of York.

    alot of this area was already owned by Dutch traders and landowners who were called patroons. Dutch New Netherland-New York
    New York is diverse
  • Colonies created by Puritans for different reasons

    Massachusetts not pious enough - New Haven and Connecticut
    Massachusetts to pious - Rhode Island
  • Pennsylvania is founded

    William Penn - Quaker owns lots of land in Ireland
    Penn’s Woods - Pennsylvania
    king grants 45,000 square miles of land west of the Delaware River to William Penn
  • The Carolina colony

    northern - farmers hard
    south - lots of land, producing corn, lumber, beef and pork, and rice in 1690.
  • Carolina colony splits...

  • Georgia colony

    James Oglethorpe - georgia
    buffer - South Carolina - Spanish in florida
    georgia - mirror of South Carolina