The Story of SoundCloud

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  • SoundCloud Created and Established

    SoundCloud was originally started in Sweden, but was established in Berlin at this point in time by Swedish sound designer Alex Ljung and Swedish artist Eric Wahlforss. It's original purpose was to allow electronic sound technicians to share music with each other, but it evolved into a tool for musicials to share their tracks.
  • SoundCloud Began to Rival Myspace

    Just a few months after becoming an established site, SoundCloud began to rival Myspace as the top platform for musicians to share their music with because it had a better interface for them to interact with fans.
  • Series A Funding

    At this point, SoundCloud recieved it's first significant financial funding, a Series A round from Doughty Hanson Technology Ventures work 2.5 million.
  • First Million Subscribers

    About three years after becoming an established site, SoundCloud announced it had one million subscribers.
  • Series B funding

    SoundCloud raised it's Series B funding round worth $10 million from Union Square Ventures and Index Ventures.
  • Five Million Users

    SoundCloud announced they had five million registered users, as well as investments from Ashton Kutcher and Guy Oseary's A-Grade Fund.
  • SoundCloud Wins Award

    Blog Post SoundCloud won the Schroders Innovation Award at the annual European Tech Tour Awards Dinner.
  • Ten Million Users

    Ten Million Users
    SoundCloud Blog Link
    SoundCloud announced through a blog post that they had 10 million registered users. A story wheel was created for the occasion, which can be found on the SoundCloud blog attatched.
  • New Layout

    SoundCloud debuted a new layout. The new features included the ability to play a track while navigating around the site as well as the ability to read comments without them "obscuring the waveform."
  • Banned By Government of Turkey

    Acess to SoundCloud was banned by the Government of Turkey because a user uploaded seven secretly recorded phone call tapes which reveal private conversations between Turkish officials. These tapes exposed illegal activities.