The Stone Age

By knoppr
  • 500

    The Begining of Stone

    The fist "people" to walk the earth A.K.A Hominid.
  • Period: 500 to

    Cave Era

  • 550

    The First Tools

    They found the first tools that were made of stone it was found in Tanzania.
  • May 7, 600

    Later Tools

    Then there were other tools from that.
  • May 7, 625

    The Ice Age

    The biggining of the ice age walking over land bridges and mammoths.
  • May 7, 725

    The End of the Ice Age

    The ice age ends and then turns into the next age.
  • Lucy

    The bones of Lucy (a very unik specimine) was found in almost perfect shape.
  • The Iron Age

    The Bronze Age Ends
  • The Bronze Age

    The End of the Stone Age