The Start of the Awesome:Nike

  • Nike

    Bill Bowermen wanted to make shoes to give his runners a competitive advantage.
  • Swoosh

    The SWOOSH logo is a graphic design created by Caroline Davidson
  • Air Jordans

    Air Jordans
    Not known for performance but for the player wearing the shoe, Michael Jordan.
  • Air Max

    Air Max
    The focal point was the Air Max, the first Nike footwear to feature Nike Air bags that were visible. The campaign was supported by a memorable TV ad whose soundtrack was the original Beatles’ recording of ‘Revolution.’
  • Just do it

    Just do it
    A year later, Nike built on its momentum from the ‘Revolution’ campaign by launching a broad yet empowering series of ads with the tagline “Just do it.” The series included three ads with a young two-sport athlete named Bo Jackson, who support the benefits of a new cross-training shoe.