Liszt at the piano

The Romantic Era

  • Louisiana Purchase

    Louisiana Purchase
    On the year 1803, The United States purchased Louisiana Territory from France.
  • Franz Liszt

    Franz Liszt
    He was born October, 22nd, 1811 and died July 31st 1886. He was a Hungarian composer, virtuoso pianist, music teacher, and organist. He is known as one of the greatest pianists of all time, had works such as, "Piano Sonata in B minor", "A Faust Symphony" and "Hungarian Rhapsodies".
  • First Steam Powered Train Invented

    First Steam Powered Train Invented
    The first steam powered train invented on 1814 by George Stephenson
  • Mexico becomes a Republic

    Mexico becomes a Republic
    Mexico becomes a Republic on 1824, 3 years after claiming independence.
  • Braille Invented

    Braille Invented
    On the year 1829 braille was invented by Louis Braille
  • Antonin Dvorak

    Antonin Dvorak
    He was born September, 8, 1841 and died May, 1st, 1904. He was a Czech composer and is mostly known for his "Symphony of the New World" and "Cello Concerto".
  • California Gold Rush

    California Gold Rush
    On 1848, the California Gold Rush begins, as people traveled far to get their hands on gold.
  • Robert Schumann

    Robert Schumann
    He was born June, 8, 1810 and died July, 29, 1856. He was a German composer, a pianist and German music critic. He is known as one of the greatest Romantic composers of the Romantic era. He mainly wrote for piano and piano orchestral works. He composed 4 symphonies, one opera, and other orchestral works as well as choral and chamber works. His famous works include "Carnaval", "Symphonic Studies" and "Kinderszenen".
  • Scott vs Sandford

    Scott vs Sandford
    The Supreme Court made a decision on the case, they ruled that African Americans regardless free or slave could never be U.S. citizens, and it was one of the most infamous court cases in U.S. history.
  • Gioachino Rossini

    Gioachino Rossini
    Born February, 29, 1792 and died November, 13, 1868. He was an Italian composer. He played a role of setting comedic and serious operas. He wrote 34 operas during 1810-1823, He is known for his comic operas such as "L'italiana in Alegri" and "The Barber of Seville".
  • First Telephone invented

    First Telephone invented
    On the year 1876, the first telephone was invented by Alexander Graham Bell.
  • Coca Cola Invented

    Coca Cola Invented
    On the year 1886 Coca Cola was invented by John Pemberton