The Road to the Civil War

  • Missouri Compromise

    Preserved the balance between slave and free states by accepting Maine into the Union.
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    The Road to the Civil War

  • Wilmot Proviso

    Specified that slavery should be prohibited in any lands that might be acquired in the future from Mexico. Caused South Carolina to make a proposal banning congress and government from the authority to prohibit slavery or to even regulate it.
  • Compromise of 1850

    The passing of 5 seperate bills. California is free and has no slave trade. Created the 36, 30 line; that seperated free states from slave states. Made the south want to suceede.
  • Fugitive Slace Law

    Laws that permitted the capture and return of any runaway slaves, if they are in the United States territory. Punished any one who would try and help the runaway slaves.
  • Dread Scott Decision

    It was a trial taken to the Supreme court to decide whether Dread Scott was free or not. It gets overturned in the civil court, then also overturned in the supreme court, but he is eventually granted independance. Court had originally stated " 1) African Americans are not citizens. 2)Congress couldn't regulate slavery in future territory. 3) Congress couldn't remove property. "
  • Uncle Tom's Cabin

    Harriet Beecher Stowe is the author. It stunned people with how she portrayed the slaves and thier lives. This book really enraged the North and it convinced people to really work to prohibit slavery.
  • Kansas Nebraska Act

    The expectation that Kansas would settle by slave holders, and Missouri would remain free. Letting settlers in each territory vote on slavery. Popular soverity was brought up a lot.
  • Bleeding Kansas

    1st Violent clash of slavery. When 800 slave supporters attack the city of Lawrence. John Brown also killed 5 people. People who weren't from Kansas were weighing in on the election by visiting Kansas, voting, then returning home. The violence started to grow from here,
  • Lincoln Douglas Debate

    Lincoln and Douglas fight ti get a seat in the senate to represent Illinoise. They competed by debating around Illinoise regarding mostly slavery.
  • John Brown Raid

    John Brown's big plan to make the black slaves turn against their owners and create this huge rebellion. This led to some white men to steal weapond. His plan didn't work. he lost 11 men out of 23 and was later caught and hanged.
  • Lincoln's Election

    Lincoln winnning an election with the Northern votes. When the North outvoted the South it created a rucus. This divided the North and the South even more than before.
  • South Carolina Suceede

    The act of South Carolina wanting to seperate from the Union because it didn't trust what Lincoln promised. It led as an example for more people to want to suceede and the people were panicking about a broken nation. Lincoln only wanted to save the nation.