The Rise of Theme Parks

  • First Theme Park opened

    Bakken, at Klampenburg, near Copenhagen, opens.
  • Prater opens

    Opened in Vienna, Austria
  • First Oktoberfest

    First held in Munich, Germany, and still going strong
  • Trivoli Gardens in Copenhagen opens

    Still exists to this day
  • Walter Knott makes a Ghost Town

    Claimed to be America's first Amusement Park
  • Disneyland Opens

    Opened in Anaheim, California by Walt Disney, this forever changed the amusement industry
  • First roller coaster opens

    Magic Mountain opens in California
  • First Competition in the Amusement Industry

    Six Flags over Texas is opened in Arlington, Texas by Angus Wynne Jnr.
  • Walt Disney World Opens

    Largets theme park and resort complex in the world