The Rise Of The Nazi Party

  • Hitler's "Saturday Surprises"

    The saturday surprise happened when the Britain Leaders were no longer aware and home.Hitler claimed that he was rebuilding the German airforce to rearm the nation. Although what he was doing was getting ready for air force war. He told everyone that this was for defense, so the people believed him.
  • Hitler's "Saturday Surprises"

    Hitler's "Saturday Surprises"
    Fighter planes were flown overhead to celebrate the aggrement between France, Germany, and Belgium. They were not allowed to have troops stay in the Rhineland because the Treaty of Versailles caused them to not have that power. Although Hitler ignored the Treaty of Versailles and did everything he wanted.
  • Hitler Allies With Italy

    Hitler Allies With Italy
    This event did not actually happen on October 1st. It was stated as happening in the fall.***
    This event gave Mussolini German support for his invassion of Ethiopia. Now that Mussolini teamed up with Germany it caused them to be even more of a threat and scary. Lastly, this also made it easier for the Anschluss.
  • Appeasing Hitler

    This was not actually the date. It was in 1938-not specified***
    After secret funding from Nazis the German people wanted a refund. They wanted their Reich back. By summer Hitler was making these requests come true.
  • Death threats and Broken Promises

    Death threats and Broken Promises
    After Hitler was elected Chancellor he decided to change things. Hitler said that the Reichstag was blaming other nations for being hypocritical in mistreating Jews. He told the Reichtag that it was only the other nation's faults.
  • Targeting Poland

    Nazis took the prisoners to Gleiwitz, and they were later killed. The German army and the SS marched into Poland and declaired that they were responding to a Polish attack on Gleiwitz.
  • Conquests in the East

    Conquests in the East
    This event happened in the fall(not exactly on this date)***
    Nazis took land from western central and southern Poland. They then named the land Warthegau. After, they deported thousands of Polish people as well as all jews and "Gypsies."
  • Conquests in the West

    This event happened in the spring not this exact date***
    Now the Nazis focused on the West. In April, they concored Denmark and Norway. In May, they over ran Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg.
  • Conquests in the West

    Conquests in the West
    This is not the exact date, it happened in May**
    After the Nazis conquered Britain the was a change inn leadership.Now, Winston Churchill became prime minister. This caused them to have a stronger leadership.
  • France Fell

    Hitler controlled all of western Europe except for Britain.
  • Conquests in the West

    On this day, all hell broke loose. Transportation and industry had totally stopped. This basically says it all itself. Without transortation and industry, a nation will soon plummit right way.
  • The Invasion of Russia

    Goering used code words to protect the operation. Although, now the commander in chief stopped talking in the secretcy. Instead he used basic language to make things easier.
  • The United States Enters the War

    On this day, Hitler declared war on the United States. He was made enemies with Britain, the Soviet Union, and the United States. All of these nations were against Germany and united to destroy them.