The rise of nazism

By sohns4
  • Thule Society

    Thule Society
    Thule SocietyThe Thule Society,created in early 1918, was an extremely dangerous group of anti-Christains, and frankly extremely racist people who later became known as the Nazis. They wanted to exterminate all contaminating factors of the human race and they felt that the Jews were the main causes of an impure and tainted race.
  • Period: to

    Rise of neo nazism

    Although nazism has almost vanished after the end of world war II hitlers followers are still engaging in violent acts against society the reason for this is believed to be the poor economy and just simply small town brodem of theese teens.
  • WWI Ends

    WWI Ends
    Video WWI ended towards the end of 1918, after many 37 million casualties and 9 million deaths. According to the German military and political leaders, they were "stabbed in the back" by the Communists and Jews. This is believed by them to be why they lost the war, the hatred never went away.
  • Hitler joins small german workers party

    Hitler joins small german workers party
    Hitler Hitler volunteered for the german army when world war I broke out, he served for 2 years then was gassed in october 1916. after he was hospitalized he received the iron cross first class in august 1918. He now saw war veterans as heroes. after the war he took up political work and by 1919 he joined the german workers party which later became the nazism socialist party.
  • The SA comes to hitlers aid

    The SA comes to hitlers aid
    The SA (Sturmabteilung or Storm Detachment) was better known as the Brownshirts or Storm Troopers. The SA got their nickname from the colour of the shirts they wore. From 1921 to 1933 the SA disrupted the meetings of Adolf Hitler’s political opponents as well as defended the halls where Hitler was making a speech in public. The SA was also like a branch to the militery.
  • The SS takes Replaces the SA

    The SS takes Replaces the SA
    The SS was the new form of german title to being in the millitery party they were also Hitlers personal body guards. The SS had to go through strict racial and physical background. These soilders were feared by the allies when the german millitery would retreat they would go and take there spot.
  • Hitler Takes power over germany

    Hitler Takes power over germany
    HitlerAfter joining the party in 1919, he climbed up the ranks fast. In 1920 he was put in charge of the parties propaganda. Later that year the party was re-named to the National Socialist party. His propaganda combined with his ambition cause some problems with the leaders. Whenever this happened though he just threatened to resign, because he knew he was the best at propaganda, so they needed him. Finally in July 1921 he took over leadership of the party.
  • Hitler wins election.

    Hitler wins election.
    Hitler From there on he made many pacts and treaties all which gained him support in the German people. Finally in the election of 1933 he won with almost 50% of the votes.
  • Germany banned from having any sort of naval force

    Germany banned from having any sort of naval force
    Gun ControlAfter World War I Germany was banned from having any sort of military or naval fleet. He wanted to convince the world that he was a peaceful man, trying to lead a peaceful nation. Finally in 1935 he convinced Britain to let him hav a naval for defensive purposes. He used propaganda to lower their suspicion and his army and navy went almost unnoticed for their size.
  • Hitler begins his attacks on europe

    Hitler begins his attacks on europe
    Video Hitler AttacksAfter getting his army fully ready for war, even though it appeared to everyone else that he had just enough of an army to protect himself if needed. He marched out and took over one country at a time, after each one he promised it would be his last. On September 1st he took Poland, and two days later both France and Britain declared war on Hitler, which was his plan from the start.
  • Holocaust begins

    Holocaust begins
    HolocaustOne of Hitler's main goals was to cleanse the earth, he believed in the German people, the Aryan race. To acheive this he took what he considered to be the root of all evil, the jews, into concentration camps where they were forced to live in the ghetto's, and work for nothing. Sometime in January they were ordered to start killing the Jews at random, and in the end they killed over 6 million Jews.
  • War was going well until hitler trips up.

    War was going well until hitler trips up.
    HitlerThe war was going perfect for the Nazi's until Hitler made a big mistake. Instead of focusing on the Western front and keeping his alliance with Russia until he had conquered the West, he decided to attack them. The two front war was way to much for the German army. On top of that, the weather in Russia was way colder than expected, and caused many of the German weapons, and people to break down. On this night, as Germany was being invaded from all sides, he took his own life, by gunshot.
  • WWII ends

    WWII ends
    Video WWIIWith Hitler dead, Germany being invaded from everywhere, the war was finally over. Almost exactly 6 years later, and millions upon millions of dead humans the carnage had ended. This was the end of the Nazi campaign, and the world was in shock and fear of what people are capable of. Everyone wanted to avoid another holocaust, but Hitler still did have his followers.