The Rise and fall of the Nazi Party

By ReeceX2
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    Rise and fall of the Nazis

  • The Beer Hall Putsch

    The Beer Hall Putsch
    The Nazis organize at a beer hall in Munich in an attempt to take the government by force. The military was suposedly planning on backing the nazis but turned on them as they entered the city. As the nazis and police began to clash it left 14 dead and the nazis fleeing. Several where arrested.
  • Horst Wessel's death

    Horst Wessel's death
    Horst Wessel gets in a fight with his land lord. She claims that he was running prostitution in the apartment he was renting. Horst denies involvment. Land lord gets her friend to help evict Horst. As a fight breaks out between them Horst was shot and killed. When the nazis find out they use Horst as propaganda against the communists.
  • Presidential elections

    Presidential elections
    The elcetions of 1932. Hindenburg wins by a large margin. Hitler claims 37 % of the popular vote. The nazis at this point now have 230 seats in the Reichstag.
  • Hitler appointed chancellor

    Hitler appointed chancellor
    In an attempt to appease Hitler Hindenburg appoints him as the new Chancellor of Germany
  • the Reichstag Fire

    the Reichstag Fire
    Reichstag completely burned to the ground overnight. Culprit was a known communist, Van der Lubbe. He acted completely alone and said so himself but Nazis pointed the finger at the Communists. This led to them losing almost all politcial power in Germany.
  • The Enabling Act

    The Enabling Act
    Enabling act passed which gives the chancellor of the Reichstag, Adolf Hitler, the ability to pass any law that he sees fit.
  • Banning of Parties

    Banning of Parties
    Hitler passes a sieries of laws that at first ban the formation of new parties in Germany as well as later passing a law that ban all parties other than the Nazi party. This eleminates any chance of an opposition rising .
  • knight of the long knives

    knight of the long knives
    Hitler uses his followers in a purge of the nazi party. he killed 84 people to supress all opposition. With his opposition slain he had free controll of the reichstag
  • Hindenburg dies

    Hindenburg dies
    Hindenburg dies leaving no one left who has any control on Hitler. Hitler retiers the role of president making him virtual dictator of Germany.
  • Nuremberg rally

    Nuremberg rally
    Hitler uses this Nuremberg Rally for large amounts of anti-semetic propaganda. He announced several laws that where some of the first legislation that was geared toward anit-german peoples.
  • Austria taken

    Austria taken
    Austrians welcomed as the 3rd Reich comes into Austria. They drop their previous form of government and openly help the SS and Gestapo take control.
  • Jewish Names

    Legislation was passed that provented people of the Jewish religion from changening their names. This kept them from disclosing their identities later during the purge of jewish entities.
  • 1938 Nuremberg rally

    1938 Nuremberg rally
    Hitler runs another Nuremberg rally introducing new Anti-semetic legislation. He makes it illegal for Jewish people to own businesses. This is primary lead up to Crystal Night.
  • KristalNacht

    The SS led troops and Civilians in a riot like structure against all Jewish businesses. They destroy so many homes and businesses that this becomes known as Night of the broken glass. Civilians that did not help where ordered to not help any jews.
  • War Starts

    Germany, Hoping to instigate a war, sends troops into Poland and eventually clamining it. This forces the hands of France and the United Kingdom to declare war on Germany.
  • Wannasee Conference

    Wannasee Conference
    the heads of the nazi party come together with the exception of Hitler at the Wannsee conference. They declare the final solution of the holocaust.
  • Assasination

    Reinhard Heydrich is assassinated in Prague by a group of Czech nationalists. He was in his car going down the road when a grenade was thrown under his car.
  • Battle of Stalingrad

    Battle of Stalingrad
    Nazis defeated at Stalingrad. A soviet victory becomes a possibility.
  • Hitler lives

    Summer attempts on Hitler's life fails.
  • Hitlers end

    Hitlers end
    Hitler commited suicide.
  • Nuremberg trails

    Nuremberg trails
    The Nuremberg trails end with the sentincing of 13 to death and several others to life or long term sentences.