The rise and fall of the Khmer Empire

By amoore2
  • Feb 4, 802

    Founding of the Khmer Empire

    Jayavarman || founded the Khmer Empire in Cambodia, he created four capitals for his kingdom. To expand his area he used wars, alliances and marriages, therefore he would gain more power and control over the people. Jayavarman || also built many Hindu Temples.
  • Period: Apr 27, 802 to Apr 27, 1500

    The Rise and Fall of the Khmer Empire

  • Mar 10, 890

    Yasovarman | constructs a new capital and reservoir

    Yasovarman constructed one new capital which was named 'Yasodharapura' he also constructed a huge reservior. The reservoir had measurements of 7.5 kilometres by 1.8 kilometres. These were both built in the Ankhor Area
  • Feb 24, 953

    Rajendravarman || builds temples

    Rajendravarman || built many temples at Angkor, also during his reign the Champa's and the Khmers had their first war. The Khmer court also became a place/centre for artists and scholars.
  • May 3, 1113

    Suryavarman || comes to power

    Suryavarman || comes to power, after he had killed a rival prince in a battle that was fought on the war elephants. He also extended the Khmer Empire after conquering Haripunchai and south-western, during his reign he also commenced the construction of Ankhor Wat which is the best temple in the Khmer Empire
  • Jun 24, 1177

    Cham invades the Khmer Empire

    Suryavarman || dies, after the death the Cham invadaded Khmer Empire. They rowed up the Mekong River in war canoes.They then sacked the Khmer Capital and killed the king.
  • Jun 3, 1181

    Next King was Jayavarman V||

    The new Khmer king was Jayavarman V||, he was regarded one of the greatest of the Khmer Rulers. He was a follower of a type of Buddhism named 'Mahayana Buddhism', he then made this the new state religion. They then built Ankhor Tom which means Great City
  • May 3, 1243

    Religious Conflict

    There was religious conflict. Jayavarman V||| wanted to return to Hinduism, so he converted Buddhist Temples to Hindu temples as well as destroying many Buddha Images.
  • May 3, 1260

    Khmer Empire was threatened

    During Jayavarman V|||'s reign, the Khmer Empire was threatened by a more powerful empire named The mighty Mongol Empire, which was north to the Khmer Empire. He then paid tribute to Mongols to avoid war happening, which made the Empire a vassal state of the mongols
  • May 3, 1295

    Jayavarman V||| is overthrown

    Jayavarman V||| was overthrown by his son-in-law, the one who introduced THeravada Buddhism to the empire, his name was Srindravarman. At the end of his reign it was regarded as the end of the Khmer Classical Period.
  • May 3, 1431

    Ankhor/Khmer empire is abandoned

    Thias sack Angkor and the empire is abandoned by all of the Khmer Rulers