The rescue

The Rescue By Nicholas Sparks

  • Kyle and Denise took a different rout

    Kyle and Denise took a different rout
    Denise and Kyle always took the same rout home everyday but one day they had to take a different rout because of a storm.
  • The accident

    The accident
    On the road was a deer and Denise couldnt stop the car in time. In the ditch, Denise became unscious and Kyle climbed out of the car.
  • The Search

    The Search
    A whole town search went looking for Kyle when Denise woke and couldn't find him. Only one man found Kyle.
  • Finding him again

    Finding him again
    When everything went back to normal, Kyle saw the man and remembered him.
  • Meeting up

    Meeting up
    Denise and the man, Taylor, started to talk and hang out.
  • Becoming More Than Friends

    Becoming More Than Friends
    With Kyle on board, Denise and Taylor easily became close and hung out several times a day.
  • Pasts

    Denise tried to figure out Taylor's past to know and love him more but he refused to tell.
  • Happens Next

    Happens Next
    After refusing to tell, what will Taylor do? Will the relationship be strangthened or fall apart?