The Queen of Britan & Ireland

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  • Queen victoria is born

    Duke Duchess of Kent's child Victoria is born.Victoria, was born at 4.15 a.m. on 24 May 1819 at Kensington Palace in London.The only child of Edward, Duke of Kent, and Victoria Maria Louisa of Saxe-Coburg.
  • Victoria is christened

    Christened privately by the Archbishop of Canterbury.She was baptized Alexandrina, after one of her godparents, Emperor Alexander I of Russia, and Victoria after her mom. Georgina and Georgiana were then proposed by the dukes brother Gorge IV.
  • John Quincy Adams inaugurated as 6th President of the USA

    John Quincy Adams was inaugurated as 6th President of the USA. This took place on Friday, March 4, 1825,in the House Chamber of the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C. Adams had a four-year term of as President. And was the first president to have been a son of a former President(John Adams).
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  • Victoria becomes Heiress

    Her uncle George IV died in 1830.And she became heiress .Before her next surviving uncle, William IV.
  • "I Puritani" premieres in Paris

    Vincenzo Bellini's opera "I Puritani" premieres in Paris. It was originally written in two acts and later changed to three acts. It was about Têtes Rondes et Cavaliers (Roundheads and Cavaliers). (On this
  • Victoria becomes Queen Victoria

    On June 20th, Victoria, at age 18, becomes Queen of England. She had heard her her uncle William IV had died.Becoming queen granted the young Victoria freedoms she had never previously had ever experienced.
  • The queens conronation

    A year later the coronation was held at Westminster Abbey .The coronation was a big occasion and four hundred thousand visitors went to London to see the new Queen. The new railways made it easier for 400,000 people to come to London.
  • Daguerrotype photo

    Daguerrotype photo process announced at French Academy of Science .This was the first publicly available photographic process. The image is on a mirror-like silver surface, normally kept under glass.(On this
  • Queen Victoria marries Prince Albert

    Price albert is her first cousin( normal back in that day).In April 1836 Victoria’s mother invited her cousins Ernst and Albert to London for the princess’s 17th birthday celebrations in Kensington Palace,.
    young Victoria was liked Albert and thought he was extremely handsome. The rest is history.
  • first child is born

    The Queen hated being pregnant and was not found of babies she actually though they were quite ugly. She was named after her mother Victoria Adelaide Mary Louisa. The eldest eventually became the Empress of Germany and Queen of Prussia by marriage to German Emperor Frederick III.
  • The first child is born

    Queen Victoria was not found of babies. she thought they were ugly. And hated being pregnant. The eldest was a girl and her name was Victoria Adelaide Mary Louisa. Eventually she became the Empress of Germany and Queen of Prussia by marriage to German Emperor Frederick III.
  • 2nd child

    Albert, Prince of Wales the second born .He was often compared to his older sister Victoria. and married Princess Alexandra of Denmark
  • 3rd child

    Alice (born 1843) .Married Ludwig IV, Grand Duke of Hesse and by Rhine. (lived April 25, 1843 - December 14, 1878)
  • Dominican Republic gains independence from Haiti (National Day)

    This holiday is celebrated on the 27th of February. It is the Dominican Republic's National Day .And it commemorates independence from Haiti in 1844.(On this