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The Professionalization of Ballet

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    The Professionalization of Ballet

  • The Opening of the Paris Opera

    The Opening of the Paris Opera
    This was the beginning of professionalizing dance. After the Paris Opera opened, dance as an art form began to rapidly develop as a true art form.
  • Opera Ballet

    Opera Ballet
    A new theatrical form of ballet was created. It was the first ballet to include singing, dancing, and the stage effects that were made possible by the proscenium theater.
  • Raoul-Auger Feuillet

    Raoul-Auger Feuillet
    He was the creator of the first working and understandable form of dance notation. He was capable of recording the dances of his time in such a way that people would be able to recreate his work.
  • Opening of Paris Opera Ballet School

    Opening of Paris Opera Ballet School
    For the first time ever dancers would be able to become well-trained professionals. It was a comfort to know that training would always be available to the dancers from here on out.
  • "Les Caracteres de la Danse"

    "Les Caracteres de la Danse"
    A famous piece of dance work that was created by the female choreographer Fransoise Prevost. Keep in mind Prevost was the first Prima Ballerina and the first female chreographer. She was also the teacher of the famous ballerinas Marie Camargo and Marie Salle.
  • Marie Camargo

    Marie Camargo
    Camargo took charge and became famous as she step forward and performed a solo of male. She is known as the first ballerina to dance like a man (to perform the dazzeling leaps and jumps that at the time was thought only men could achieve). She personifyed dance as a beauty of outward form.
  • Marie Salle

    Marie Salle
    Salle was the centuries leading dramatic ballerina. She believed that it didn't matter how technically gifted a dancer was, they needed to have the ability to touch people's hearts while they danced. She symbolized dance expression of inward feeling.
  • Pygmaliion

    Famous ballet choreographed by Marie Salle.
  • Jean Philippe Rameau

    Jean Philippe Rameau
    Jean Philippe Rameau composing works made him instantly famous. It is said that Opera Ballet reached its height because of his works of art.
  • Barberina Campanini

    Barberina Campanini
    Campanini was the successor of Salle and Camargo. She focused on speed and agility, which is why she delighted the audiences so much with her turns and entrechats.
  • Jean Georges Noverre

    Jean Georges Noverre
    Noverre first became famous from his ballet call "Les Fete Chinoises", which was a dance about Chinese themes. The fashion, gardens, and silks really made this ballet beautiful to the eyes.
  • Letters on Dancing and Ballet

    Noverre continues to be important because he published the more influential dance books ever.
  • "Theoretical and Practical Treatise on Dancing"

    Gennaro Magri was the creator of this dance and he described that dancers' stances and movements should be like they were elements in the composition of a painting.
  • Pierre Gardel

    Pierre Gardel
    Gardel became the ballet master the the Paris Opera, which he held power until the early nineteenth century. He was a strong believer in ballet d' action, that productions should posses unity and dramatic coherence.
  • The French Revelation

  • Jean Dauberval

    Jean Dauberval
    A famous choreographer who created "La Fille Mal Gardee". Not only was he known for being the creator of sweet, witty ballets, but he was also known as being a womanizer.
  • The Beginning of Pointe Shoes

    The Beginning of Pointe Shoes
    This is the first time point shoes were being introduced into the ballet world.
  • Flore et Zephyre

    This is one of the most celebrated ballets in history. Charles Didelot created it and in this ballet he created a system where he could rig dancers to it to create the illusion that they were flying.
  • Church and Dance

    During this time the Church condemned the thearter and its performers. Therefore, the Church refused to marry or bury actors and dancers.
  • Gaetan Vestris Retires

    Gaetan Vestris Retires
    Gaetan was a member of the Paris Opera ballet for more then half-centurty. He had the nickname of "god of dance".