The production of "2-FACED"

Timeline created by Meganrising
In Film
  • Production Company

    "Paramount Pictures"
  • Production Company (again)

    "NewLine Cinema"
  • Production Companies (again)

    "a Paramount Pictures Production
    and NewLine Cinema"
  • Producer

    "a Megan Rising production"
  • Actor

  • Film Title

  • Actor

  • Actor

  • Written By

    "Erika Clark"
  • Casting By

    "Megan Rising and Erika Clark"
  • Music by

    "Tereza Petkova"
  • Music Supervisor

    "Megan Rising"
  • Costume by

    "Francessa Wood"
  • Associate Producers

    "Aoife Greenwood,
    Maisie Kennedy,
    Amie Hibbert"
  • Edited by

    "James Cohan"
  • Production designer

    "Benjamin Hemmingway"
  • Director of Photography

    "Hilda Coleman"
  • Executive Producer

    "Jamie Collins"
  • Produced by (again)

    "Megan Rising and Erika Clark"
  • Screenplay by

    "Glenn Amos and Patrick Jarvis"
  • Directed by

    "Matt Evans"